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Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion

Cozumel, Mexico (Excursion ID S1115)

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18 Reviews
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  • Duration
    5 hours 30 min
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    All Ages
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Convenient meeting location close to your Cozumel cruise ship terminal!
  • English speaking certified guide!
  • Entrance fee to Punta Sur Eco Park is included!
  • Fully insured Jeep vehicle!
  • Drive your shared Jeep!
  • Guided snorkeling included!
  • Snorkel set includes varied sized fins, sanitized snorkel, silicone mask, and vest!
  • Visit the Celaran lighthouse, El Caracol, and the Crocodile observatory while at Punta Sur Park!
  • Tequila tasting stop!
  • Complimentary lunch and bottled water!

Circle the island of Cozumel as you drive a Jeep Wrangler on a guided excursion to see some of the best highlights and sights of the island. Enjoy some of the natural wonders, experience an incredible shore snorkel at Punta Sur, relax at a beach resort and be treated to a tasty lunch.

The meeting point is just a short walk or taxi ride from the cruise piers. Your friendly guide will get you checked in and settled into your 4 people shared Jeep. If space allows, you may have a fifth person join you if you wish (great for families with a smaller child). If you want the Jeep to yourself, there is also a VIP option. Note that these are island-style vehicles. Please check our other Jeep excursions if you want a more American standard option.

Your English speaking Jeep cruise excursion guide will go over all of the driving instructions and safety rules before leading the group out caravan style on the paved roads. They will lead you towards the east side of the island also known as the wild side because of its wide-open stretches of white sandy beaches and lack of urban development. The color of the Caribbean water on the east side seems to be a crayon box of blues and greens! Do not forget your camera on this excursion as there will be plenty of photo ops.

The Cozumel Jeep shore excursion group will stop at the southernmost tip of the island, Punta Sur National Park. This is a beautiful preserve that holds a key to the coral reef survival. Colombia Lagoon inside the park supplies vital nutrients to the reefs with the mangroves and the tidal flow.

Punta Sur has many other points of interest including the famous colony of American crocodiles - you can view them safely from the viewing platform over the lagoon. The guide will also give you a short history lesson about the Mayans and show you El Caracol, an ancient early hurricane warning device they built.

You will have the opportunity to climb to the top of the lighthouse for a stunning view. Take a deep breath, there are 142 steps to the top! There is a small marine museum adjacent as well.

The guide will then lead your group further into the park to the beach area. Here, they will pass out your snorkel gear (it is all provided) and show you how to use it all before taking you on a guided snorkel of the reef. The reef is located just off of the beach and is very shallow. You will get to view some outstanding marine life, tropical fish, and numerous fan coral. You may also choose not to snorkel and just stay on the beach to relax.

After the snorkel, you will leave Punta Sur and continue around the island to a beach restaurant. A Mexican style lunch will be served that includes your choice of 1 beef, chicken or fish fajitas, quesadillas, or regular nachos. If you wish, you can purchase additional food or drinks at your own expense. There is even a stop for a tequila tasting! The excursion continues through town and ends back at the meeting point. You will have the option to spend time at the beach resort at no extra charge.

Note: If you ship arrives on a Sunday, Punta Sur may not be open. Snorkeling will be substituted at Sky Reef. You may also have an additional stop at El Cedral.

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Item Price Deposit Balance Quantity
Adults (12 years and up): $79.99$17.99$62.00
Children (4 to 11 years): $59.99$13.99$46.00
Infants (3 years and under): Free!
VIP Private Vehicle Upgrade (per vehicle): $54.99$9.99$45.00
Price: $79.99
Reserve Now: $17.99
Pay Later: $62.00

Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

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Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Reviews

Go all around the island in a guided Cozumel Jeep excursion, shore snorkel at Punta Sur, sightsee, resort beach break, lunch and more.


18 Reviews

Beach City, Ohio, US
Spectacular Day!!
     5/5  January 2022
Alan, our guide, went above & beyond. The tequila tasting, snorkeling,lunch, lighthouse, crocs, (not much on the ruins IF that's what you're expecting)... Very short walk from port & safe area and shops. Very fun day!!!
Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Spectacular Day!!Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Spectacular Day!!Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Spectacular Day!!Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Spectacular Day!!Show Management Response

Just OK
     3/5  February 2020
The walk from our ship was 5 minutes like the instructions indicated. We get to the hotel and are told to wait about 2 minutes; it turned into 15. When I asked how much longer, a lady was told to take us to another location. We walked between some buildings to an outdoor restaurant, were handed menus and told to order because they were apart of the company and it would be about another 20 minutes while they waited on others to join us. After about 30 minutes, a guy comes over and says he’s our guide, walks us to a Jeep and has us get in the back of it. Had my hopes set on my guy driving us around the island. Instead, we were chauffeured by the guide. We were driven to the eco park where we spent an hour at the beach; wish there could have been more time. We ordered food and were told only 3 options were available for us to choose from that were included in our package. Instead of chicken fajitas, my guy wanted shrimp. We were told it would be an additional $7 but it ended up being an additional $13! I’m wondering if it would have been cheaper to just rent a taxi or car and drive to the eco park🤷🏾‍♀️ Neither of us drink so we bypassed the tequila factory and opted for souvenir shopping. It was just a lot of driving 😕
Show Management Response

Miami, Florida, US
Fun time
     4/5  February 2020
The tour was organized and fun. The water at Punta Sur is crystal clear. We were able to see a moray eel, lobster, angel fish, and other tropical fish while snorkeling over a very small reef. However, being taken from one meeting place to another in a desolate shopping center to wait for your tour to start was a bit odd.
Show Management Response

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US
Lots of fun
     5/5  February 2020
Nice tour.Nice People. Nice digits. Nice cars. Nice beach
Show Management Response

Seattle, WA
Really fun day!
     4/5  November 2019
We had a really fun day and got to see the best places on the island. We visited the famous Punta Sur park and went all the way up to the top of el faro lighthouse. The views from the top are really awesome, you can never imagine so much beauty. The guide was friendly and knowledgable and assisted us during the whole day. We did the tequila tasting tour which was just ok but the Mexican lunch was delicious. We will return next time with friends.
Show Management Response

Lafayette, LA, USA
Was lots of fun, tequila and other drinks served worth it!
     5/5  November 2019
We went on this tour and really enjoyed the tequila and other liquor items offered especially the amaretto and coffee liquor. Could you please direct us on how to order more of their items online?
Show Management Response

Awesome Tour...
     5/5  January 2016
this was an amazing tour. our guide Ernie was great. Right from the start it seemed like we had known him for years. very informative and fun day... BUY THE TEQUILA ON THE TOUR!!!
Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Cozumel Ultimate Island Jeep, Punta Sur and Snorkel Excursion Awesome Tour...Show Management Response

Glen Burnie, MD
Great Experience
     5/5  June 2016
We took the Ferry from Playa del Carmen, and our guide met at us (where we paid our balance in cash). Our guide was kind enough to let us stop at 7-11, as a couple of folks in our tour got a little seasick. The tour was wonderful, our guide stopped so that we could buy some wonderful souvenirs. When we went snorkeling, a few in the tour we having issues adjusting to the snorkeling gear so we stayed in the shallow end. Our guide jumped in with a buoy to help us venture out and enjoy the snorkeling experience, while the teenager ventured out in the deep blue sea. One of the highlights of our trip to Mexico. Our guide was great, he even ran over to the pier to get assistance with transporting our souvenirs (yes we had that many), so that we didn't miss our ferry.
Show Management Response

Fayetteville, AR
First Excursion EVER - WOW!
     5/5  September 2016
This excursion was my very first ever and I wondered how in the world the other excursions could beat it. We were four in our party, no others booked this one, so the guide was all ours. He explained everything we would do, it was a 30-45 minute drive one-way, but we stopped along the way for some history. We were in the Federal ran park, saw the crocodiles (one jumped out of the water even!). Raul was our guide, he was proud of his history and we were all interested in his story of the ruin. The lighthouse was old, I walked all the way up, beautiful pictures from that viewpoint. Then to the beach! WOW! Next was a restaurant, THE BEST food! Go figure.... Raul was so patient and so good with us, it made the start of our cruise so very pleasant. THANK YOU
Show Management Response

loved, loved, loved!!
     5/5  March 2014
It was just great and can't say enough good things about this tour.
Show Management Response

     5/5  February 2014
Show Management Response

Great Day!
     5/5  January 2014
This was a great tour from beginning to end. The jeeps are so much fun to drive and the snorkeling was fabulous! We got to see some ruins, and got to enjoy the water along with a nice lunch. Just a good time all rolled into one day. So glad we booked it.
Show Management Response

Loved this tour
     5/5  March 2014
We just did this and totally enjoyed this tour. The drive was so much fun and the snorkeling was the best. Our guides were #1.You can't beat it for this price. Highly recommend it!
Show Management Response

Hamilton, Ohio
Fun day spent on the island
     5/5  April 2014
Thank you for the wonderful day on the island. Our guide Rubin was fantastic. Finding the meeting place was easy, just a short walk from the pier. The tour included several stops for sight seeing, brief shopping, snorkel, swimming, and a tequila demo. Plenty of water was provided during the tour too. I would book the trip again.
Show Management Response

Meraux Louisiana
Great excursion
     5/5  August 2014
This excursion is different from the rest. I for one have wondered what its like to drive your own vehicle through Cozumel. I booked the excursion and found out. We drove Jeep Wranglers to each site. We drove to an ecological park to see crocodiles, mayan ruins and an old light house. We then drove to a beautiful beach area to snorkel and play in the water. The lunch was included and was quite good. My two guides were Mary and Xio. They made the tour very interesting. If you don't want to ride on a hot bus with a bunch of tourists book this excursion. My family and other families with us all enjoyed it.
Show Management Response

Fun time
     4/5  August 2013
The only thing that would have made this tour better is if they had more automatic shift Jeeps. Beautiful beaches and Punta Sur was incredible. Climb the lighthouse if you have the chance because the view is spectacular.
Show Management Response

Fun day!
     5/5  November 2013
Loved it!
Show Management Response

Lots of fun very bumpy!
     4/5  October 2013
We went on this excursion a couple of cruises ago and were very happy. The road out to the lighthouse and snorkeling area is VERY rough. The area that has the snorkeling is beautiful and very secluded. The lighthouse views were awesome!
Show Management Response
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18 Customer Reviews
"Spectacular Day!!"
Hershes January 2022
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We have taken other excursions and were very happy
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Stacey J Port St Lucie, FL, US Yesterday
We love you guys! so easy!
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John L Merritt Island, FL, US 3 days ago
This was very user friendly to book and didn't take much time either. I can't wa...
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Tonya W tyler, TX, US 5 days ago
we have used Shore Excursioneer for years and always had great experiences!!
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