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Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion

Cozumel, Mexico (Excursion ID S1143)

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  • Duration
    3 hours 30 min
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    8 Years Old
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Bilingual (English and Spanish) speaking certified Cozumel ATV shore excursion guides!
  • All necessary ATV safety equipment including helmets, bandanas, and goggles!
  • Complimentary bottled water at the different ATV excursion stops!
  • Semi-automatic new model Honda or Yamaha ATV all-terrain vehicles (quads)!
  • Entrance fees and admission!
  • Option to ride single or double - see pricing!

Welcome to the jungle on this ATV Jade Cavern and Cenote Excursion that will take you into the heart of Cozumel Island's jungle. Enjoy over 10 miles of off-road trails and ATVing!

Tackle road trails on your own ATV while heading to the primitive beauty of the Jade Cavern. See the freshwater cenote waters while surrounded by lush foliage in the cenote and then drive through exotic coral caves where ancient Mayans once lived.

You will start your Cozumel ATV Excursion at the ATV base camp which is located in El Cedral, the oldest village on the island! That's where your English-speaking bi-lingual guide will be waiting for your adventure!

Upon arrival, you'll be matched with a new model 2014-2016 semi-automatic Honda or Yamaha All-Terrain Vehicle for a fun 2.5 hrs tour in the jungle. Guests have the option to order as a single rider to be on the ATV alone or as double riding with one person driving and the other a passenger. Please see pricing below. All drivers need to be at least 16 and have a driver's license. You will receive a helmet, goggles and a bandana then the mandatory, and brief safety and driving instructions; and then you're off onto some thrilling jungle trails while following your guide. Please make sure you read all restrictions and notes PRIOR to booking.

Do make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and be prepared to get dirty or muddy, but that's half the fun. The ATV shore excursion guide will lead you through miles of the canopy covered jungle trails until you arrive at Jade Cavern, an ancient coral cave. This is where you'll discover the Jade Cenote (freshwater jungle sinkhole), a naturally fed body of fresh water, and depending on the conditions, where you can take a dip (if conditions allow and with a life vest) in the refreshing waters like the ancient Mayans did long ago. You'll marvel at the fantastic stalactites and relish in the refreshing waters.

Next, you'll head off for a slow drive through the Coral Caves, another habitat for the ancient Mayans. Your guide will be sure to give you information about this culture and how they still affect the island today. In all, you will be on the ATVs for over 1.5 hours of driving.

Finally, it will be time to head back to the base camp where you can relax before heading back. The staff will assist you in calling a taxi that will bring you back to your original meeting location. For the taxi ride, you can expect to pay from $20.00 up to $40.00 each way depending on the group size. 

Wild Tours now has restrictions on sunscreen use in order to help fight the spread of White Band coral syndrome. Use of ANY type of sunscreen, sunblock, and suntan lotion is strictly prohibited as they could make their way into the ocean. All guests must shower BEFORE entering the cenote. They suggestion use of long-sleeved UV filtering shirts, hats, and sunglasses. Coral, fish and all other sea creatures thank you for your cooperation!

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Item Price Deposit Balance Quantity
Single Riders (16 years and up): 1 - 30 $64.99$25.99$39.00
Double Riding (10 years and up, 2 participants per ATV): 1 - 40 $119.99$47.99$72.00
Price: $64.99
Reserve Now: $25.99
Pay Later: $39.00

Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

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Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Reviews

Hop on your ATV and hit the jungle excursion trails in Cozumel! Fun shore excursion mix of jungle ATV riding and beautiful and refreshing Jade Cavern, swimming at one of the Cozumel's only cenotes (freshwater jungle pool)!


33 Reviews

So much fun!
     5/5  July 2021
We had a great time. We accidentally showed up early, and they allowed us to hang out at the resort for some beach time. Once we were ready, they went over safety rules, and made sure that all families were close together. Armando and Sergio did an amazing job making sure that we were all safe and having a good time and kept everyone hydrated. The Cenote was wild too! It was an adventure for sure! The tequila tasting was an added bonus! We went home with a bottle of pineapple tequila. It was delicious!
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion So much fun! Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion So much fun! Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion So much fun! Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion So much fun! Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion So much fun! Show Management Response

Kansas City, Missouri, US
     5/5  June 2021
It's always annoying when you have that tour guide that doesn't allow you to fully experience the excursion, whether it's too many rules, or too much talking. It takes away from the whole experience. This experience is everything but that! The wife and I got super lucky that this was the excursion that we chose to see the Jade Caverns. The guide was awesome, did not over complicate anything. He was along with us for the ride and let us experience the ATV's, trails, and Jade Cavern exactly how it should be without rushing us what-so-ever. If you're going to see the Jade Caverns, this is your spot!
Show Management Response

Great dirty fun!
     5/5  January 2020
This tour was everything promised! I have to be honest, it was much better than expected. We had some very experienced riders, and some first timers that thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. Our tour guides had a great sense of humor, kept safety a priority, and provided a great tour! As a bonus the pictures that we had the option to buy separate, were additional proof of our muddy fun! The directions we had printed on our ticket were difficult to follow, making the meeting point frustrating at first. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the port to the meeting point. The local markets were helpful in finding the location. The senote made for some great refreshing time in the water, and great pictures!
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Great dirty fun!Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Great dirty fun!Show Management Response

Cleveland, Ohio, US
First time in Cozumel
     5/5  February 2020
Loved the ATV excursion. Great guide and group of people
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion First time in Cozumel Show Management Response

Baton Rouge, LA
Awesome fun
     5/5  February 2020
Tour guides were very friendly and outgoing. Trail was very rocky but still fun. Cave and Cenote with the bats was really cool. Tequila tasting done on site after was really good as well
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Awesome funCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Awesome funCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Awesome funCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Awesome funCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Awesome funShow Management Response

A fun ride!
     5/5  January 2020
I had a great time with wonderful, safe, educational tour guides. It was a little shorter than expected but that might have been because our group had a lot of strong drivers.
Show Management Response

west palm beach
amazing experience
     5/5  February 2020
WOW!!! I have to say this was unbelievable experience- definitely recommend this company !
Show Management Response

Austin, Texas, US
Fun, extreme adventure
     5/5  February 2020
My wife and I did this excursion for our honeymoon cruise and we both had lots of fun. We were both first time ATV drivers but the guides and intro video were very clear on how to operate the ATV. The trail was windy and bumpy which is exactly what I expected and it was fun to go fast on the bumpy parts. When we got to the cenote, it was refreshing to jump in the water after driving on the dusty trail. We plan on cruising more in the future, and when we are able to make it back to Cozumel we'll be back for the ATV (drive).
Show Management Response

Lot's of fun!
     4/5  May 2019
We went in late May, which is the dries season in Cozumel. As such, the trails were completely dry. It probably would have been more fun if they were muddy, but I can't really fault the excursion for that. It's been a little while since I've had the chance to ride ATVs, so it was kind of fun to get back on them. However, you are in a group and traveling in a single file line down some pretty tame trails. It was still fun, but not the most exciting excursion I've ever done. I really liked the Jade Cavern. As we approached it, the water looked grimy, and mud was everywhere. There was a smelly stench in the air, and my first thought was "These people have ripped me off!" HOWEVER, the guide demonstrated that the water actually is super clear by scooping some up in a water bottle. The smell comes from the sulfur which naturally collects in the cavern. After he cleared this up for me, I was fine jumping in for a swim. You can jump straight off the dock, or climb up on the nearby rock ledge for a higher jump. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can climb to the top of the cavern and jump in from there (about a 15-20 foot drop). It was a really pretty sight, as bats covered the cavern's ceiling. The guides were fun and did their job of keeping everyone safe well. They do have a photographer taking photos while you ride, which you can then purchase afterward. The guide informed us of this, but then added they won't be sad if you choose not to buy them, something I appreciated since I felt like everyone has been trying to up-sale me on this trip. Overall, it was a fun time. I would also keep in mind that the "jungle" of Cozumel that you ride through isn't like the jungles you see in the movies or even at other locations the cruise ship stops. It was more like a lot of tall shrubbery. I think the price may be a little high for what you get, but again, we enjoyed ourselves and don't regret doing it at all.
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Lot's of fun!Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Lot's of fun!Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Lot's of fun!Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Lot's of fun!Show Management Response

Hollywood, Florida, US
Joy Ride!!!
     4/5  November 2019
This excursion was pretty good, with a litte more than 2 hours of ATV riding on a rugged path through Cozumel bushes. The Cavern and Cenote was as natural as it can be, (no blue water, more like a murky green) with bats and guppy-like fish. The ATV's appears to be well maintained and the trail was rugged, wet (at some points), muddy (at other points) and uneven making for a great time of riding. There was a safety training/instructions before the ride, showers and facilities for pre/post riding, an option for videotaping your own ride (and you can bring your own camera), and photographers taking pictures to document your experience. The reasons they did not get 5 stars are: 1) the prices for the pictures their photographers took are too high! 2) they do not have representative at every cruise debarkation/port to greet and gather their customers. 3) the contact person placed us in taxis to get to the location.
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Joy Ride!!!Show Management Response

Detroit, Michigan
Cozumel ATV 2019
     5/5  February 2019
My husband and I had a blast on the ATV. The check in location was a bit hard to find but our guides were excellent. They were very attentive and informative!
Show Management Response

Albuquerque, NM
Had a blast!
     5/5  November 2019
My friend and I took this tour recently as we loved wild adventures. The jungle trails were great. The guide was very professional, friendly and knowledgable and give us information about the Mayan customs and culture. He was always checking on his group if everyone was OK. We rode to Jade Cavern which is like a sinkhole created by mother nature, we jump from the top cavern and had a refreshing and quick swim. Then we were returned the based camp to clean up ourselves and changed our clothes. Very important to bring a change of clothes since you get dirty.
Show Management Response

Syracuse, NY
Jungle Adventure!
     5/5  November 2019
We booked this jungle adventure during our day in Cozumel. We drove into the jungle over mud and get dirty. It was well worth it since we really enjoyed this adventure. We visited an old town of Cozumel, the jade cavern or cenote (sink hole with water) We learned about the Mayan culture and their customs, our guide explain this to us and gave us a lot of information about the region. Definitely, we really enjoyed pretty much this adventure.
Show Management Response

Bailey Colorado
Beautiful and Fun!
     4/5  January 2019
Glad description is updated, this is 4 stars because it originally was advertised as a cenote cliff diving, but now they only let you swim. My hubby didn't want to swim because there are bats living in areas of the cave, but the water was clear and cool. Everything else was fun, they don't police your riding so you can play around nicely on the machines. It was muddy and wet the day we went but warm and soooo much fun blasting through water and mud puddles. Guides were fantastic, jungle was gorgeous. Had a great time!
Show Management Response

Johns Creek
A lot of fun!!!
     5/5  December 2019
Enjoyed every minute of this tour! Great guides (we had Jorge and William)! The tour was a good amount of time and the water was refreshing! 10/10 recommend!
Show Management Response

Jacksonville nc
Best excursion EVA
     5/5  August 2018
We had a HUGE party!! 15 singles 7 doubles. We were on a Carnival Cruise, where my daughter got married!!! We had 69 friends and family cruising. The guides were FUN all the while being safe, but allowed us to splash thru the mud and puddles!! Our youngest participant was 10 and she had an absolute blast!!! The Cenote was a once in a lifetime experience!!! Smells a little funky, and was a bit chilly when first entering, but sooooo fun. Don’t miss it or talk yourself out of it!! It was extremely satisfying to our very adventurous teenage boys, all the way down to my 10 year old neice. I would do it allllll over again!!
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Best excursion EVACozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Best excursion EVACozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Best excursion EVACozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Best excursion EVACozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Best excursion EVAShow Management Response

Norwegian Pearl
tons of fun
     5/5  March 2018
lots of fun. a great adventure. guides caesar & miguel are awesome.
Show Management Response

Best ATV Excursion
     5/5  April 2018
Trip was great. Jumping into Cenote was a blast. Some of us went multiple times. The guides were very helpfull
Show Management Response

Lots of fun
     5/5  January 2018
Amazing. One of the best excursions yet. The pictures were awesome. The Cenote swim was an excellent bonus. This would have been worth it just for the ATVs
Show Management Response

Well done and fun, but not what we expected
     3/5  July 2017
First, I want to say that this company was very professional and had great staff! They were easy to locate and were well managed from start to finish. They provided transportation (included) to the location of the ATVs. Safety and operation was well covered. I have been on excursions that were not professionally handled--this was not one of those. They were fantastic! You do need to know that this excursion is mostly about riding ATVs through the mud and over rough terrain. It was fun, but not what we were expecting. I had hoped it was more of an ATV "tour" to see the jungle from a different vantage, and of course, to experience the cenote. The ride in was focused on mudholes, riding on rough roads through local farmland, and ensuring you had a great ATV experience and getting as muddy as possible. If you don't get a chance to ride ATVs regularly, this might be just what you want! (We use ATVs at home on our farm, so we felt that some of our fee was simply to do something we could do at home.) After circling around through mudholes and over rough roads (this is not for people that can't handle the rough ride), we came to the cenote. Now, this was very interesting! Not exactly a swimming hole, but if you are adventurous, a 25' jump into the cenote is pretty cool! Be careful--I did bruise myself pretty bad by hitting the water wrong! There are lots of bats in the cave portion, which I loved! I would have enjoyed more touring stops like this. Again, the excursion was well done, but not what we really wanted. If you love riding ATVs or want this new experience, this is absolutely for you!
Show Management Response

San Antonio, TX
Fun and informative!
     5/5  July 2017
This excursion was excellent. Racing through the jungle was incredible, just don't be the guy that's taking selfies on his ATV the whole time and slowing down everyone behind you. Our tour guides were very informative and spoke English very well. The cenote was really cool, but was more of a "jumping in" experience rather than a full swimming experience. There was also a tequila tasting after the tour. The excursion length was also closer to 3 hours from leaving the meetup point, to returning to the city. We were on a Carnival cruise that arrived at port at 8am, and we chose the 8:30am departure. Luckily we were at the port that was walking distance to the meetup point, so we had plenty of time to spare. Overall this was incredibly fun and well worth the money spent.
Show Management Response

Midlothian, VA
Great time - and we were beginners on ATV's!
     5/5  September 2017
Plan to get muddy while you have a fantastic time. The staff made sure everyone was safe and knew how to operate an ATV, even for beginners. The ATV riding was a new experience for us and was great; the photos taken by the staff were professional; and the jumping into the cenote was exciting and refreshing. Don't pass this up when visiting Cozumel!
Show Management Response

Dracut, ma
Lisa b
     4/5  August 2015
We just did this excursion on August 6, 2015. We had a large group of 18. We had a blast but be aware that the buggies area little beat up. My buggy broke down 2 times, but they fixed it immediately. My dad drove into a tree, so the steering is not power steering and a little difficult to control. It was funny but they did give him a different buggy. I would recommend only sneakers on this excursion. I wore closed toe water shoes and wished I had my sneakers. The foot pedals are hard to hold down esp. If you don't have a solid sole to your footwear. Also, since it was August we had on bathing suits, which I definitely recommend because you get real dirty and they do provide outside showers to rinse off in. Many of us ladies had tank tops on, and the safety harness hurt our shoulders, so I would recommend short sleeves instead of tank tops just for added cushioning for the straps. You also need to pay for a cab from the cruise port to a "meeting place", which was $24 each way for the cab ride not per person, then they shuttle you over (free of charge) to the facility in the jungle. Definitely bring bug spray along with suntan lotion. I found the guides (3of them) very helpful and nice, but they will be hoping for tips at the end also which they split. I would recommend this if you like this crazy stuff!!!
Show Management Response

Book this fast!
     5/5  January 2014
This tour sells out so fast you should book it as soon as possible. We got in but our other friends did not! Too bad for them because it was a blast. Loved this excursion. We will do it again next time.
Show Management Response

     5/5  February 2014
Show Management Response

we had a blast
     5/5  June 2013
Just returned from our second X-Rail adventure with you guys....brought our friends this time and we had a blast. (reprinted from Fan page)
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion we had a blastCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion we had a blastShow Management Response

Splish Splash
     5/5  December 2013
Good and muddy! (reprinted from Fan page)
Cozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Splish SplashCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Splish SplashCozumel Jungle ATV, Jade Cavern and Cenote Swim Excursion Splish SplashShow Management Response

Loved this excursion
     4/5  October 2013
I give this one 2 thumbs up! Really enjoyed the trails. Xrails vehicles were alot of fun.
Show Management Response

Can't get better than this!
     5/5  September 2013
This was one fun offroading experience in Cozumel! The Xrails are very stable and tough to make it through the trails, it made driving easy and extremely fun. We took a swim into the "cenote" at the caverns to cool off and continued with the Xrails, some stops on the way were awesome as well!
Show Management Response

     5/5  June 2013
That excursion was one of the best experiences we have ever had...(reprinted from Fan page)
Show Management Response

Would highly recommend it.
     5/5  March 2013
Did this excursion and have to say it was probably one of the best ones we ever did. Was a ton of fun, and yes you get very dirty and muddy. Would highly recommend it. (reprinted from Fan page)
Show Management Response

Such a blast!
     5/5  November 2013
This is the most FUN our family has had gettin' really, really, REALLY dirty together! Such a blast! It's a MUST do adventure if you're ever in Cozumel's port for awhile. Thank you Cozumel Xrail Excursions! (reprinted from the Fan page)
Show Management Response

the best one ever!
     5/5  December 2013
We've done excursions all over the Caribbean and this was literally the best one ever! (reprinted from Fan page)
Show Management Response
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33 Customer Reviews
"So much fun! "
Leslie Ybarra July 2021
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John L Merritt Island, FL, US 2 days ago
This was very user friendly to book and didn't take much time either. I can't wa...
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we have used Shore Excursioneer for years and always had great experiences!!
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on time, good price!!!
 on time, good price!!! 
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