Caribbean & Central America Cruise Ports and Shore Excursions

The Caribbean and Central America area consists of more than 700 islands, divided under 30 territories known as sovereign states, overseas departments, or dependencies - needless to say, no two are the same. Add Dutch, Spanish, British, Danish, African, Portuguese, French, and Swedish influences upon the Caribe and Arawak Indians who originally inhabited the islands, and you have the makings of a very eclectic mix of people.

No two islands are the same. Some are volcanic in origin, while others are flat and no more than a few feet above sea level. Some are made of rock, some are coral. Some are surrounded by coral reefs, while others are just miles of white sand. Some are home to lush rainforests, while others are desert terrain where hardly anything grows. All of them are sun-kissed year-round and often cooled by the trade winds. Even the waters lapping at their shores seem to be different shades of blue from island to island, country to country. There are more shades than there are names for them. All of this has been marinated in rum, which played a large role in most of the islands' histories.

An explosion of color in their dress, in their houses, their drinks, food, and art. A symphony of sounds from the tropical birds in the trees to the rhythm of Calypso, reggae, and other Caribbean music. Mix in the scent of nutmeg, tropical flowers, molasses, and salt air and you truly have a paradise for the senses.

Bordering the Caribbean on its western side is Central America, seven countries that in some ways are Caribbean, but also offer culture and experience all their own. Connecting North and South America, Central America has a spine of mountains that runs through its middle, with the Pacific Ocean as a boundary on the west, and the Caribbean Sea on the east. The mountains catch the rain clouds, and the fertile soil makes the hillsides incredibly lush and perfect for coffee growing. The mountains give way to flatter terrain perfect for agriculture including pineapples and bananas. The coasts offer beautiful beaches, waving palms, and the treasures of the sea. 

Hidden in the jungles, buried under the fields are perhaps thousands of remains from the area's first inhabitants, the Mayas (AD 250-900) and the Aztecs (.AD 1280-1519) Although several of the Mayan cities, such as Tikal, Copan, and Altun-Ha have been discovered, even they are only partially excavated and we offer a great variety of sightseeing and historical Caribbean Cruise Excursions and Central America Cruise Excursions. As the Mayan and Aztec histories were never written down, it makes these Mayan ruins shore excursions in the Caribbean and Central America cruise ports of call even more intriguing.

For adventure cruise shore excursions, Central America offers all kinds of excursions. Zip lines, eco-hikes, whitewater rafting, aerial trams, canoeing, crocodile hunting, cave tubing, snorkeling, scuba, kayaking, there is something for everyone.

The food of Central America has a taste all its own. With a base in the food of the Mayans and Aztecs, it has over the centuries been layered with Spanish as well as other influences from the Caribbean. Fresh, simple food from the forest, garden, and sea.

Although not as famous as Caribbean rum, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala all have award-winning rums favored by connoisseurs due to their unlimited source of fresh water and ability to store it above sea level. Most of the Caribbean and Central American countries also make their own beer. Whether you like alcoholic drinks or not, you cannot leave Central America without tasting a smoothie (or daiquiri if you add rum) made with fresh guava, lemon, lime, pineapple, banana, blackberries, mango or any of the other local fruits picked ripe just that day. Although not a problem in most hotel bars and restaurants, make sure the ice is made with purified water.

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