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Costa Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion

Costa Maya, Mexico (Excursion ID S1203)

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  • Duration
    7 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    All Ages
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Round-trip transportation from your Costa Maya cruise ship terminal!
  • Air-conditioned, fully licensed, and insured transportation!
  • English-speaking certified guide!
  • Chacchoben Mayan Ruins site entrance fee!
  • Guided tour at the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins!
  • Cold drinks during the ruins part (water bottles and sodas)!
  • All-inclusive beach break with beverages and food!

Your Costa Maya Ruins and Beach cruise excursion will start right outside your cruise ship terminal where your friendly guide and transportation will be waiting for you. The drive to Chacchoben Mayan Ruins is approximately 50 minutes during which the English-speaking guide will be giving you lots of information about the Mayans, the Chacchoben ruins, and Mexico. You will ride in air-conditioned comfort all the way there.

When you arrive, you will receive a guided tour of the grounds which are surrounded by lush jungle vegetation. The jungle truly enveloped Chacchoben after the Mayans left. The ruins at Chacchoben (The Place of the Red Corn) were only discovered in 1972 by the American archaeologist Peter Harrison. Excavation began in 1994 by the National Institute of Anthropology and History and the ruins opened to the public in 2002.

The main structures at Chacchoben date back to between 200-700AD. More is being learned about this site as more is excavated. To date, only 5 buildings have been fully revealed. What has been called The Great Basement, was believed to be the sight of religious, civil, and astronomy science events.

When your guided exploration of Chacchoben is completed, your transportation will take you for some relaxation time at the beach! Lounge chairs, umbrellas, beverages, snacks, and food are waiting for you. Enjoy all of the beach facilities - rest in the shade, tan in the sun, take a swim, and stroll the sandy waterline.

Your transportation will take you back to your Costa Maya pier when your fun day of exploration and beach time is complete.

Bottled water is unlimited; guests may have one beer or one soft drink in addition to the water.
Snacks: Nachos, Pico de Gallo (chips with Mexican salsas), guacamole.
Meal: Beef Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas, Hamburger with French Fries (choice of).

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Children (4 to 11 years): 1 - 50 $79.99$23.99$56.00
Lap child (3 years and under): Free!
Price: $109.99
Reserve Now: $34.99
Pay Later: $75.00

Costa Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Experiences

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Costa Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Reviews

A combo of stunning Mayan Ruins followed by some relaxation time on the beach with an all-inclusive day pass! A truly great Costa Maya shore excursion that has it all!


17 Reviews

Prairie Grove
Very informative - history and photos
     4/5  (Visited on January 2024)
Our guide gave us much information of Costa Maya and the ruins. He had a notebook of many pictures and diagrams to share. We had ample time at the beach site and were transported back at our leisure. The only complaint is the instructions to get to our guide from the ship
Show Management Response

amazing ruins, and beach
     4/5  (Visited on January 2024)
My complaints would be too late leaving the tour office to go to the ruins and a bit too long (maybe 20-25 minutes)at the ruins, in order for those going to the beach to have some time there. The tour guide was great and really nice. The ruins were amazing and will continue to get even better as they excavate more areas.This location will soon rival Tulum and Chichen Itza.
Show Management Response

Fabulous Ruins Tour and Beach Break
     5/5  (Visited on May 2022)
Mr Estrada lead/drove us on a wonderful excursion! He was so informative explaining life in Costa Maya. He had great knowledge of agriculture, schools, businesses, wildlife, worship, and small businesses located along the trip. He could answer every question we asked. His knowledge of the ruins was amazing and he was happy to take pictures when needed. The food and atmosphere at the beach break was relaxing and the options to spend your time at were plentiful.
Costa Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Fabulous Ruins Tour and Beach BreakShow Management Response

San Antonio, Texas, US
Great day excursion
     5/5  (Visited on February 2020)
Although it was a bit of a walk to get to the bus, it was a nice day. The ruins were interesting. Guide interesting. Bus was nice. Beach was fun, great food and drink. Lots of stray dogs on the beach but they were friendly.
Show Management Response

Titusville, FL
Good expererience
     5/5  (Visited on October 2019)
I was impressed with the tour from start to finish. This was really one of the best excursions I have done, visiting a Mayan ruin has been a big dream f mine since highschool. The group was small, hence very enjoyable. The weather was lovely so the beach break at Big Mama was amazing, the staff was very friendly. I highly recommend this trip.
Show Management Response

Toronto, Ontario, CA
Love it, thank you
     5/5  (Visited on November 2019)
Our whole family group of 11 totally satisfied with the excursion on Nov 9. Our guide Carlos was very knowledgeable, he explained to us Chacchoben's history, culture, animal and plants in great details and in entertaining way. The lunch buffet was great and the beach was beautiful. Can't expect anything more. Thanks a lot.
Show Management Response

Austin, TX
     5/5  (Visited on August 2019)
Being able to see the ruins was amazing!! The guide was super knowledgable and willing to answer our questions. Highly recommended. We think the beach break was a plus to this great experience.
Show Management Response

Chochoban Ruins
Myan Ruins
     4/5  (Visited on July 2018)
We were 10 people on our own tour of the myan ruins. We got there before anyone else(6 cruise ships in port that day in late June).. Our guide was a myan descendant, who taught us so many things about the old culture, habits, and buildings. You will not get this kind of service with the “cruise ship” tours of 50 - 100 people. Everyone told us: You might get out there and miss your boat with a non-cruise excursion! Well, that just wasn’t a possibility or concern! They have been doing this for years and they are not going to let you fail! on the contrary we had more fun that everyone else, and we had no concerns!
Show Management Response

Good experience overall
     4/5  (Visited on June 2018)
After we got out of the port and walked a few blocks, someone from (tour operator) was waiting to help us get to the stand. The directions weren't as confusing or as far as many of the reviews reported. Everyone we dealt with at the stand and during the tour were super professional and friendly. We felt totally safe the entire time of the Ruin excursion. The tour company provided us plenty of bottled water. Don't forget your bug spray! We stopped for pineapple after the Ruins tour. The tour guide bought our pineapple, but I recommend you pay an extra dollar or two for a baggie with about three more pieces. It was so sweet and juicy! We put chili on it, which was way more flavorful and spicier than what I'm used to but delicious - just start with a little chili and add more if you can take it. You can also buy a bottle of pineapple juice for $1. We were fighting over it because it was so yummy! My daughter bought a bottle of dragon fruit juice because it looked pretty, but the texture was so gross. It was like gel with a very mild fruit aftertaste. We couldn't get past the consistency. Anyway, after the Ruins trip, we went to a restaurant where we had a choice of fajitas, quesadillas, and I think burritos. The food was tasty and the waiters were very attentive. It also included unlimited drinks. We're not drinkers, but we all enjoyed a few virgin drinks. We would have loved to enjoy a soda with our meal but the pop in other countries always tastes odd to us. I thought we were going to a resort where we could use their facilities to change into our suits, but I guess it was just an outdoor restaurant. So we used the bathrooms in the back of the restaurant to change our clothes. The bathrooms were rough! You have to go around the back of the building/shops and it feels a little unsafe and secluded, so take someone with you. It's not that any of the locals gave us reason to feel unsafe, but I'm always on alert when traveling with my teenagers. We swam for a little while and then were taken back to the port with plenty of time to spare. On the way back, another family shared with us that they gave one waiter $5 then another waiter approached them and said tips aren't included in the excursion fee, so they got nervous and gave him $5. Then the family said our tour guide told them we aren't supposed to tip. So perhaps it would be helpful for the tour company to give us a heads up about the tipping policy before we get out of the van. I think if I had to do it over again, I would just have booked the Ruins excursion and then went back to the boat to eat. It would have saved me $30 a person just touring the Ruins, but I wanted some beach time for my kids. I'm sure the extra $30 for lunch was so pricey because of the unlimited drinks, but that doesn't benefit us since we're not drinkers. It was still a good experience and the locals were so nice and welcoming. Be ready for LOTS of locals to approach you during your lunch to buy their items. Everyone was very nice and not as aggressive as other islands we've been to, but I bet we were approached 15 times during our 20 minute lunch. All in all, good local company and I would book an excursion again with them.
Show Management Response

     3/5  (Visited on September 2017)
We felt we did not get enough time on the beach We were there for less than one hour and 1/2 And we thought we were there for at least 3 hours Otherwise it was fine Joel the guide was good and David the driver was ok but he refused to stay more than the 1 and 1/2 he was told
Show Management Response

Wonderful day
     5/5  (Visited on June 2016)
My family and I booked this excursion and were very satisfied. Our guide was super. Some of the people on our van had only booked the ruin part, so he let us out at (the beach club) while he took them back to the ship and came back to pick us up when we asked.
Show Management Response

Sacramento, CA
Long drive, but great tour guides
     4/5  (Visited on June 2016)
It is a bit of a long walk from the boat to where you meet, but this isn't a tour for those who don't like to walk! It is a long drive to the ruins, but I appreciated that the guide told us about the ruins and history, as well as about the vegetation. So it was part nature hike and part ruins. Ruins weren't what I expected, don't go inside (they are solid) but we had a great tour guide who explained every detail. One of the gentlemen in our party wasn't as mobile and the driver carried around chairs for him to sit (which I think was nice). The driver was super nice but didn't speak English, which proved difficult when our tour guide ended up staying at the ruins. There were many people in our group, and although we all bought tours to the ruins, our activities after differed. The inability of the driver to speak English caused some confusion but in the end, we made it to the beach break where the service was fantastic. Open bar and food are always a bonus. The water was super shallow and not great sand, but it was still a nice day.
Costa Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Long drive, but great tour guidesCosta Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Long drive, but great tour guidesCosta Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Long drive, but great tour guidesCosta Maya Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and All-Inclusive Beach Excursion Long drive, but great tour guidesShow Management Response

this was one of our favorite excursions
     5/5  (Visited on December 2014)
We were afraid that we would be late for our scheduled time for the tour. When we arrived we were advised that there was no need to worry and were happily greeted and offered a cold bottle of water. There were only about twelve of us on the tour and were able to take lots of photos and ask questions. Iszmael Martinez was our guide. He was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting. I noticed the people that had booked thru the cruise ship came on a bus and it appeared to me that they did not spend as much time as we did as they were herded along. My boys chose this tour and I was not sure what to expect but have to say this was one of our favorite excursions. The beach was beautiful at Big Mama's and Ricardo took care of our every need. We had a massage on the beach and truly enjoyed our day. Would highly recommend Shore Excursioneer!!
Show Management Response

Too big
     3/5  (Visited on May 2014)
The ruins were too big. My kids got tired from walking around but the beach was really nice.
Show Management Response

Good, Full Day
     4/5  (Visited on May 2014)
We got to take this tour not too long ago while on our cruise vacation. It was a full day of very interesting sights and facts. We were surprised at how much we learned. The ride getting there was a bit long, but there was plenty of beautiful scenery to look at along the way. There is so much to see in the jungle and it is almost spooky how little the ruins have aged. The beach was a refreshing touch. We had a lot of nice photos to share at dinner that night.
Show Management Response

New Haven
Best Of Both
     5/5  (Visited on May 2014)
We were traveling with several couples and some wanted to see the ruins in Costa Maya and others wanted to go to a beach. When we saw this tour offered.....problem solved! It was amazing looking at the ruins and trying to even imagine them being built. They were beautiful and surrounded by the jungle. We got great photos. At the beach club we enjoyed the water and beach, with good food and drinks. Everyone wins!
Show Management Response

Just enough time
     4/5  (Visited on August 2013)
I thoroughly enjoy the Mayan ruins - the structures were in very good shape and there was so much green vegetation all around. We saw many varieties of birds and there were a lot of iguanas. Our guide was a native Mayan was so interesting and gave us some excellent information about the area. The Beach Resort was a nice way to relax after the tour of the ruins. I recommend the margaritas! Overall, it was a nice tour.
Show Management Response
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 Can’t wait!!! 
Shannan W Fort Worth, Texas, US
Shannan W Fort Worth, Texas, US Yesterday
A good description of the Shore Excursion, and the website was easy to navigate....
 A good description of the Shore Excursion, and the website was easy to navigate. The purchasing process was easy. 
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Ryan P Palestine, Texas, US 3 days ago
Extremely easy to use and navigate website.
 Extremely easy to use and navigate website. 
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Quick and easy
 Quick and easy 
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Everything about each excursion was explained in detail
 Everything about each excursion was explained in detail 
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