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Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion

Cozumel, Mexico (Excursion ID S1136)

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43 Reviews
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  • Duration
    1 hours 15 min
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    12 Years Old
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • EARLY RESERVATION is strongly recommended, especially for groups! 
  • English-speaking certified guides!
  • All necessary instructions and mini-submarine equipment are included!
  • Rated No.1 Underwater Adventure in Cozumel!
  • Anyone in your group may come along and watch from shore at no charge!

The meeting point for your Mini Submarine Cruise Excursion is just a short distance from the downtown pier and a short taxi ride from the other cruise piers. So your fun day is not far away!

The friendly staff will be waiting for you, check you in and your adventure begins. You will have a quick orientation and then head into the water. Your highly trained, English-speaking guides will be with you at all times during this excursion.

The Cozumel mini-submarines are easy to maneuver underwater. The machines are also known as BOBs (breathing observation bubbles or BOSS breathing observation submersible scooters), underwater mini-subs, or sea scooters. They resemble a sort of bike that you sit down on and hold on to the handlebars, the only difference is your head is inside a bubble. Your head will stay dry under the bubble and you can wear your glasses if you like!

The mini-subs work by using the Bell Principle which is simple physics - like a glass turned upside down in a bucket of water, there is an air pocket at the top of the glass. The bubble portion is where your head will be and the air is pumped into it continuously. It's the air pressure that keeps the water out! To get in the bubble you will take a few breaths and duck your head under the helmet with the assistance of the guide. The air pocket inside the helmet bubble also acts as a cork bobbing in the water - you will stay upright.

You can expect to see a variety of coral formations, colorful tropical fish, and other interesting marine life in the super clear, warm Caribbean waters. Get a unique underwater perspective like a professional SCUBA diver gets, except you do not need any prior training, certification, or long classroom dive studies to see it on the Cozumel Underwater Scooter Mini Submarines!!

Your time underwater will be about 30-35 minutes and when your "drive" is completed, you will return to shore to the beach area where you started. You may stay as long as you wish at the resort's beach area and use the showers, restrooms, and beach lounge chairs. There is also a restaurant you may purchase food and drinks from.

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Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

Cozumel Excursion Activities On Site

7 Reviews
4.7 / 5
From USD $59.99

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Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Reviews

A unique personal Mini Submarine Cruise Excursion in Cozumel! Drive your underwater submarine scooter and explore Cozumel under the water! No snorkel or diving experience is needed! A great adventure for the entire family or group!


43 Reviews

Birmingham, Alabama, US
     5/5  (Visited on February 2023)
A great experience for a girls trip. The staff was super friendly. Beautiful underwater and sea life
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Awesome experience
     5/5  (Visited on May 2023)
The guides explain everything very well and make sure you are safe. Feeding the fish and holding a sea urchin and pufferfish was amazing. It qas alot of fun.
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San Antonio
One of the best excursions I have ever done.
     5/5  (Visited on April 2023)
This was a total blast! I just wish we could have been down longer. My husband, me and my 43 year old son took this excursion. My son plans on bringing his 2 children and wife back to do this. I can't say enough good things about the way we were taken care of during this excursion. I must admit, ducking my head under, holding my breath, was a bit intimidating, however, once up in the bubble I thought, "Why was I scared about that!" We will definitely do this again!
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Fort Worth
Eh was ok but not great
     2/5  (Visited on March 2023)
It was a neat experience but was disappointed I was not able to take my own camera to take pictures. The company had their own GoPro that they use to take pics and videos that they then want you to purchase for $65.00 which has to be done in cash, no credit cards allowed which you are not told about prior to going on the excursion so we did not have enough cash to purchase. The divers were friendly, but water was murky that day which cannot be controlled.
Show Management Response

Atlanta, Georgia
     5/5  (Visited on March 2023)
By far the best water experience. I love swimming with the dolphins- but this was GREAT. Like driving a slow scooter underwater. Wife was a little hesitant but she Loved it!! Very few places on earth can you do this. Seeing sea life was cool but even if we saw nothing , it was worth the experience. AND buy the pictures and video. Don’t bring your own camera- not worth it. Do yourself a favor- DO IT!!!
Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion AWESOME Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion AWESOME Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion AWESOME Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion AWESOME Show Management Response

Midland, Tx usa
Wonderful experience
     5/5  (Visited on February 2023)
Our guide was very nice and fun. I was a little apprehensive about getting in and out but it all went smooth. The ocean bottom was beautiful and we were able to get up close and hold some sea creatures. I loved it! I would highly recommend and I would definitely do it again.
Show Management Response

Houma, Louisiana, US
Amazing Underwater Experience
     5/5  (Visited on February 2023)
Great Tour! Be sure to catch a Taxi to the Cozumel Resort $8 when we did or you can take a 20/25 minute walk. You will get a locker at the front desk ($5 with $30 deposit) for waterside excursion. Be sure to have exact USD change. You will have use of their waterfront and pool area! Tour guide will be in lobby at table for you to meetup and walk over to the launch. The guys do a great job ensuring you ride well and then get to see wildlife as well as hold them! We opted for the photo package which was SD card from GoPro that had photos and video! Great additional $65!!! Well worth capturing the memories! Great Drinks from resort on the waterfront at the bar! They made our 20Yr anniversary amazing! They even had Mermaids when we visited.
Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Amazing Underwater ExperienceCozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Amazing Underwater ExperienceCozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Amazing Underwater ExperienceCozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Amazing Underwater ExperienceCozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Amazing Underwater ExperienceShow Management Response

     5/5  (Visited on February 2023)
Amazing service and guide services. Would definitely do it again.
Show Management Response

Tulsa, Oklahoma, US
The best experience! Must do!
     5/5  (Visited on June 2022)
Quick taxi ride from the port to the hotel where we were able to enjoy the pool before going to the beach for the excursion. The instructors spent time educating us and making sure we understand and felt safe. It was only my husband and myself and our 2 instructors. They made sure we saw lots of sea life. They took pictures and videos of the entire excursion for us (Additional charge and very well worth it) After the excursion we enjoyed the beach for a few hours. I can't say enough about this excursion. There is also lockers for rent to secure your items.
Show Management Response

San Antonio
Sea Life up close and personal
     5/5  (Visited on November 2021)
We arrived at the hotel via a quick taxi ride from our port. We were met immediately and taken across the street to the beach area. You have the option to rent a locker from the hotel for $ 5.00 plus a refundable $ 20.00 deposit, plan to bring money. We were given a brief tutorial on the proper way to get on the scooter and hand symbols to use while under water. Once in the water the guides were very attentive and try to show us an much sea life as they could. The helmets seems to be magnified and you think you are going to hit the bottom of the sea, don't worry you are a good couple of feet from the bottom at all times. They are times when they will put the sea life in your hands to hold (if you want to). This was really cool seeing everything so close. The scooters are easy to use and don't go very fast. There is a diver in the water taking pictures of you through out the excursion and you can purchase the sd card at the end of all the pictures and videos that he takes. This is a great option as taking your own camera it is had to navigate while trying to drive the scooter. The cost for this was optional and is $ 70.00 currently. We had a great time and loved the experience.
Show Management Response

Houston, Texas, US
     5/5  (Visited on February 2020)
We had such a great time on this excursion! Our guides were PHENOMENAL, and made sure we all felt so safe and knowledge of how everything was going to go during the outing. I’m so upset that I can’t remember their names because we were very impressed with their service and expertise. It was a truly unique and fun adventure, very intimate (it was just our group of four!!), and the facility was perfect!! The hotel we met at was very impressive and clean, the restaurant onsite smelled INCREDIBLE, and the beach area was simply beautiful. It was private and spacious too, so we didn’t have to wait for a great area with beach chairs. All staff was extremely helpful as well. Not to mention, the snorkeling was the best I’ve ever experienced so far!! Everyone in my group had a wonderful and unforgettable time. We would definitely recommend this excursion and this company!!
Show Management Response

Duncanville, TX
Lots of fun!
     4/5  (Visited on February 2020)
We really enjoyed this excursion. The staff were super friendly. We were disappointed, though because they were not able to open the file that had our video and photos on it for purchase.
Show Management Response

Charlotte, NC
Unforgettable Experience!!
     5/5  (Visited on December 2019)
Just returning from our Caribbean cruise and I did this with my friends. This was a totally new experience for us and really enjoyed. We definitely are returning next year bringing more people to experience this tour.
Show Management Response

Fun and easy excursion!
     5/5  (Visited on April 2019)
First off. I want to tell you how accommodating this company is. Our cruise ship was 5 hours late and after speaking to them over the phone, they were able to reschedule us for a later time! Now for the excursion, so fun! After explaining how to operate the mini submarine scooters, the crew took us around and showed us pufferfish, sea spiders and other interesting sea life. They continually made sure we were alright and were very friendly and knowledgeable. The underwater excursion lasts about half an hour, but after they let you hang out on the beautiful beach. We lounged on the cozy hammocks and took in the gorgeous scenery.
Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Fun and easy excursion!Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Fun and easy excursion!Show Management Response

United States
Mini Sub Adventure was Fun
     5/5  (Visited on November 2016)
Up close and personal with all the marine life. What a treat. The blow fish was so cute! We had a great time under the water. It was a little loud in the helmet, but other than that we had a great time!
Show Management Response

great fun
     5/5  (Visited on March 2019)
Be instructors were amazing! They were very patient and calming for those who were unsure. You did get to scoot around under water but not for very long. Pretty interesting seeing and holding the sea life. Overall I would recommend this excursion for sure!
Show Management Response

Detroit, Michigan
     5/5  (Visited on February 2019)
Absolutely loved this excursion! The divers did a great job!
Show Management Response

United States
Super Cool
     5/5  (Visited on November 2018)
Staff was great, had a great experience. Would love to do it again
Show Management Response

Austin, Texas
Best Excursion Ever
     5/5  (Visited on July 2017)
We took our children on a cruise for the first time. We did this excursion and cannot say enough about it. This review is way late but I did not want to skip writing it. We were early and Jorge and team were nothing short of awesome. We were a bit nervous about being in the bubble and driving the scooter. They stay with you the entire time they tell you what hand signals to use if you need anything. Several times they came to each of us and checked if we were ok. Hold the different fish was awesome. My daughter had her GoPro on her wrist and the diver put chum next to it so that she could capture what seemed like hundreds of fish. They were excellent with our kids, it was clear they wanted them to have fun and enjoy. We did not book this through Carnival so you have to make sure you leave yourself enough time to get back to the boat if you are cruising. We bought the CD with our pictures that they offer. Will for sure book again if we go back.
Show Management Response

Great Excursion
     5/5  (Visited on April 2018)
This was by far our best excursions. Staff was great. All around it was a 5 Star deal. Well worth the money.
Show Management Response

     5/5  (Visited on April 2018)
What a Great adventure. Well worth the money. The guides were great. They went above and beyond to make the excursion a perfect one. Can't wait to do it again. The photos and the video came out really nice.
Show Management Response

Best Excursion of the trip!
     5/5  (Visited on February 2018)
We took a short cab ride to get to this Excursion. It cost us $25 plus tip for 15 people which we thought was very reasonable. Once we arrived we were met in the lobby where were taken to the beach to be introduced to our guide. He was wonderful. He explained in detail safety measures and how the scooters worked. We were a group of 12 people so we had to go in 2 groups, which was already explained to us prior to showing up. Only 1 person had ever scuba dived before so the rest of us were pretty nervous. When we got in the water and took that first breath in the bubble we were all good!! It was an incredible experience and everyone in our group LOVED it!! The crew found various ocean wildlife and brought them to us so we can hold them. The crew took pictures and video of us that we were able to purchase the entire CD for $30. Very reasonable. Highlight of our Cruise and most talked about excursion!!
Show Management Response

Look No Further! This was AWESOME!
     5/5  (Visited on June 2017)
Oh my goodness, where do I even start!? For the quick readers, here are the high points: * Worth every penny * Friendly staff * Safe * You can hang here all day! You take a short (5 min) taxi ride from the cruise terminal for $8 (I think it was $8, we just gave him $10 and said thank you). This was the first time my husband and I had every done this underwater adventure and our instructors could not have been any better! Joaquin Pierre and Rafael were our instructors and they were very informative, made us feel comfortable, and went above and beyond! They gave us a full understanding of the process and made sure we felt comfortable before heading into the water. Getting onto the scooter and under the helmet seemed intimidating at first, but was really easy to do. The experience underwater was amazing, as Joaquin and Rafael brought a variety of sea life to our hands. After the excursion was over we were shown a lounge chair area that sat next to a lagoon. Oh my goodness. If I could go back to this place right now I would! It was BEAUTIFUL there! We were so thankful we had chosen this excursion. After hanging out ocean side, beside and in the lagoon, we went to a restaurant recommended by Rafael which was called La Choca. The food and atmosphere were awesome! It's another $8 taxi ride to get there, but SO worth it! Thank you so much to Joaquin and Rafael! We will remember this for the rest of our lives. <3
Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Look No Further! This was AWESOME!Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Look No Further! This was AWESOME!Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Look No Further! This was AWESOME!Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Look No Further! This was AWESOME!Cozumel Mini Submarine Underwater Scooter Excursion Look No Further! This was AWESOME!Show Management Response

Loved it!!
     4/5  (Visited on May 2017)
Instructions were informative and thorough. Guides watched us closely to make sure we were ok. Loved holding the sealife ( but not the seaspiders,lol). Only drawback is it went by quick and doesn't feel like you go very far at all. Still glad I did it
Show Management Response

Great excursion
     5/5  (Visited on January 2016)
Great excursion. Everybody should do this at least once. Also that let you bring your own underwater camera. They also took pictures and a video and sold them as a $30 package.
Show Management Response

oklahoma city
Aquatic Adventure
     4/5  (Visited on July 2016)
This is the PERFECT way to explore underwater life for those who do not wish to or can not scuba dive. The guides do a good job of scavenging the site to bring different creatures to your hand! The blow fish is a HOOT! It had a perfect smile on it's face! An unexpected find was a barracuda that swam by!!! You breath easily and comfortably within your bubble as the rest of you is emerged!. The scooters do not go fast, but that just gave me time to look about and take in the scenery. You can even bring your own underwater camera!
Show Management Response

Different and Interesting
     4/5  (Visited on January 2013)
We wanted to try this since none of us have been scuba diving. Wife did not make it on the submarine at all she was scared. We asked if there was any possible refund or discount because all she did was lay on the SMALL beach, but nothing oh well. My dad and I went through the training and went down. The subs/BOSS were defiantly used and could be updated. But they worked SLOWLY. it was need to go down and look around. The Divers would go find sea life and bring it over to use. It was okay but next time i will do diving i think.
Show Management Response

Oklahoma City, USA
     5/5  (Visited on December 2014)
What a fun adventure this was. Well worth the money and easy way to have an underwater adventure for those who don't scuba. Instructors were fantastic and our group had a blast. Be sure to take you own underwater camera so you can grab some pics. We brought our own and purchased the picture package as well.
Show Management Response

Westfield, IN
Great choice - wonderful experience
     5/5  (Visited on March 2016)
We showed up an hour early for this excursion (forgetting that ship time was an hour ahead of local time), but we were still greeted in a very friendly manner and encouraged to use the pool/beach area at the resort while we waited. Once we began the crew running the subs went over everything with us and worked hard to remove any apprehension. We were underwater for a full 30 minutes, but that time flew by. Driving the scooter underwater was really cool. Seeing and holding the variety of sea life was great! This is definitely something everyone should try once. You'll be glad you did! When we finished, we were again encouraged to hang around on the beach - nice chairs & hammocks. Great day.
Show Management Response

     5/5  (Visited on October 2014)
Awesome trip! (reprinted from Fan Page)
Show Management Response

Family Loved It!!
     4/5  (Visited on September 2014)
My whole family loved it. Elderly mom who has had hip replacement surgery was very worried about being able to do it but they took personal care to help her and she had no problem. We all just wished it was a little longer because it was so much fun but that may be a restriction thing?. Also make sure you buy the pictures and video after. We were in a hurry and didn't get them. We all wished we had afterwards.
Show Management Response

San Antonio, TX
Do it! BEST excursion ever!
     5/5  (Visited on August 2014)
This excursion will leave you with memories of a lifetime. You'll be bragging to your friends how you, an inexperienced diver, toured the ocean depths (okay, only 15 feet, but they don't need to know that) and held a baby stingray! Joaquin was our group leader. He explained to our party of five how to use the sea scooter. Then he and two other scuba guides led us on an underwater journey. They use hand gestures underwater to communicate with you. They brought us stingray, sea urchin, puffer fish, sea spider, and an anemone to hold in our hands. They even used our underwater cameras to take pics of us! Rafael was especially nice, patient and funny. YOU MUST DO THIS EXCURSION. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
Show Management Response

Fantastic adventure!
     5/5  (Visited on May 2014)
This Mini Sub tour came recommended from friends and we had a blast! Would do it again anytime!
Show Management Response
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43 Customer Reviews
Sheldon March 2023
"Amazing Underwater Exper..."
Androgyny194 February 2023
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I've been coming to Mr. Sancho's for over 15 years, It is one of my all-time fav...
 I've been coming to Mr. Sancho's for over 15 years, It is one of my all-time favorite excursions. The coconut shrimp is to die for the garlic. Shrimp is to die for and mostly followed by as many beverages as I can toss back and then more shrimp lol 
Colleen C Brazoria, 1, US
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I'm glad I found your website, thank you so much!
 I'm glad I found your website, thank you so much! 
Xavier G Galveston, TX, US
Xavier G Galveston, TX, US Yesterday
Super easy to use
 Super easy to use 
Carrie H Quincy, Michigan, US
Carrie H Quincy, Michigan, US Yesterday
was bummed we couldn't do river tour in Belize!!!
 was bummed we couldn't do river tour in Belize!!! 
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Easy and secure to book.
 Easy and secure to book. 
Ray C LUBBOCK, TX, US 2 days ago
Use them every year... LOVE!!!
 Use them every year... LOVE!!! 
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