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Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion

Costa Maya, Mexico (Excursion ID S1541)

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  • Duration
    3 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    10 Years Old
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Convenient meeting location close to the Costa Maya cruise ship terminal!
  • English-speaking certified PADI dive instructors!
  • All necessary dive gear is included!
  • Use beach club facilities afterward!
  • No SCUBA dive or snorkel experience is needed!
  • Option to purchase picture package on site!

Now is your opportunity to explore underwater just like a real SCUBA diver. This is for beginners only with no experience or certification in diving. Our beginners Discover course will show you what it is like. This is a great option to add to your YaYa Beach All Inclusive Beach Break or to do on its own - see order form.

Your meeting spot is just a short shuttle ride from your cruise pier - shuttle cost is about $2.00 USD per person. Your certified, PADI-trained dive instructor will be waiting for you at the dive shop. You will get checked in and then start with a short theory course to learn about the equipment and all the safety instructions.

Then your English-speaking guide will lead you to the shallow water from shore where you will practice with their guidance. Once you have passed all the skills, your dive master will get you on the boat and you'll head out for your 1 tank dive at the coral reef.

The reef is just a short distance from the shoreline, when the captain ties off the boat, your dive master will assist you with the gear and then follow you into the water. Your dive will be approximately 30-40 minutes and your maximum depth is 40 ft. Your dive master will be at your side the entire time. You will be greeted by colorful tropical fish and coral formations.

All of our SCUBA Diving equipment is of the highest quality and is regularly maintained by Sherwood-certified technicians; they replace the BCD's and regulators on a regular basis. Safety is the number 1 concern and the quality of their equipment ensures an unforgettable and safe day. All gear is included, including a shortie and wet suit if desired. There is also an option to purchase a picture package directly with your guide, so you can forget about taking pictures to capture the best moments of your diving and just focus on enjoying it! The approximate cost is $35 USD.

Note: Please download and print the following PADI Discover Scuba Diving Participant Statement (PDF document) and complete before participation in this Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion.

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Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

Costa Maya Excursion Activities On Site

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Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion Reviews

A beginner's course to discover what SCUBA diving is all about. No prior diving experience or training is needed. Let our pros show you how!


14 Reviews

Best excursion!
     5/5  (Visited on March 2023)
We just did this last week with our family. Was very nervous at first but the staff was excellent and really helped to make this a wonderful experience for us. Would definitely recommend
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Austin, Texas, US
Scuba diving
     5/5  (Visited on December 2019)
Exceptional! We loved it very much! A team is very knowledgeable and organized!
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Madison, NC
Unforgetable experience!
     5/5  (Visited on October 2019)
I did my first dive, thanks to Shore Excursioneer. The divemasters are very professional and helped us \"discover\" this amazing activity and made us all feel at ease. Highly recommended for first timers like us.
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Longview, Texas, US
Fun Time -- Great Value
     5/5  (Visited on October 2019)
Went with family. My son in law and I scuba dived and the kids and grands stayed and had a beach afternoon at YaYa beach which is adjacent to Doctor Dive. Our time started with learning techniques and sign language by discussion. We then went into shallow water to practice with the gear. Once our instructor Charlie was confident that we were ready, we loaded in the dive boat and went to a 50' deep reef and under his undivided attention saw the sea life. We saw moray eels, lobster, conch, seahorses and numerous fish. It was a great experience. Charlie was patient and professional throughout. I want to do this again ASAP!! Highly recommend this excursion!!
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Phoenix, AZ
Easier than I thought
     5/5  (Visited on August 2019)
My husband and I wanted to try something new. We had never dived before so we chose to do this beginner scuba tour. We thought it would be something difficult to do but once the divemaster started the explanation and demonstration it did not seem so hard. Maybe it was his explanation and guidance. We are really grateful for this experience we absolutely will try something like this again.
Show Management Response

Cleveland, Georgia, US
Wonderful! Loved it!
     5/5  (Visited on September 2019)
My instructor was awesome. I apologise for not remembering his name. At the time remembering everything was important to me. He was extremely patient with me. Because I'm deaf he took the time to make sure I understood everything that was said and the meaning of diving language and amongst other things. While diving he stayed with me holding my wrist or hand showed me some interesting and beautiful fishes and making sure I was up to par with eyes, ears and breathing. I'm telling you the man is absolutely wonderful! The corals was the one that most fascinated me! It is the most stunning thing to look at. Even though I didn't go all the way down, I was very satisfied being where I was. I definitely want to go back again.
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Calgary, AB
Good Discover Scuba excursion
     5/5  (Visited on October 2018)
Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone interested in diving. It was super fun! This was my 4th "Discover" course. I like diving but never bothered to get PADI since I live in a landlocked place, and only get to go once in a long while. So I'm not certified, but remember most of what to do from past experience. I was also hoping for a good dive compared to my past dives. I was paired with two nice girls who had never tried scuba before. It's a beginners course, so I expected that. The shop is located on the beach. When you get there (probably from a taxi) I advise you to head LEFT along the beach, rather than right. However, there are several dive shops along the beach, so if you get lost, wander into one and ask for directions to yours. The dive masters (Antonio and Juan) are super nice, and obviously highly experienced. The equipment appeared recent (nearly new, in fact) and well-kept. Instruction and practice were very good. Practice is done right off the beach. You will need to walk from the dive shop to the water while carrying your gear. This is merely awkward, and if I can manage it, nearly anyone can. After practice you hang out a few minutes until the boat comes. My last dive was some years back, and it is interesting to see how the safety and instruction have improved. The dive master (Antonio) had visual materials available that were not used in my past courses. They also ran flags up to the surface and towed them about to keep the boat advised of our actual position underwater, which was new to me. They check with you frequently, even if you don't appear to be having any problems. As it turns out, one of the girls was unable to get the hang of her regulator, while the other apparently had trouble equalizing her ears. This is also typical for beginner courses, as not everyone can manage it right away. This was good for me since it left me and Juan alone, and able to range a bit further and explore an alternative reef nearby - though getting there was a 5-6 minute fast swim from the first reef, which was hard on the legs! (Juan is a much better swimmer than I am.) The dive location was good, and the marine life was quite plentiful and interesting. The usual zillion of fish of all sizes and colors, plus the coral itself. We also saw a large sea turtle at close range (lucky!) and Juan found a sort of spindly crab species I'd not seen before. Dive time is limited by your tank. Tanks are 3,000 psi and I got about 40 minutes, which is reasonably good for a novice like me. Others might get less if they use more air. I like to bob around and move with the current, which saves effort. All three of us were from the same ship. So before we started, we informed the instructors we needed to be back at the pier at 4:30, so they started promptly at 1:00. We returned to the beach at almost exactly 4:00, which was just enough time to catch a taxi and get back before all-aboard. Taxis are plentifully available just off the beach. So let them know your schedule, just to be sure, but there should be no real worries about the afternoon starting time. From past experience I expect this excursion to be at least the equal to that offered by the cruise lines, but for less money. All you're potentially "losing" is being chaperoned from the ship directly to the dive shop and back; the experience itself is likely the same (or better!) than anywhere else.
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Costa Maya
Wonderful Dive Experience
     5/5  (Visited on May 2018)
The staff at (Tour Operator) were extremely professional and provided an incredible experience for us. We did the discover scuba program that included a boat dive after the shallow water orientation. This was exactly what I was looking for. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Thank you guys !!
Show Management Response

South Charleston Ohio
Great time and alot to see
     5/5  (Visited on May 2018)
This was my and my brother in laws first time trying scuba. The guide was very helpful and patent with us . The scuba training was done in the dive shop . They supplied everything needed and did training in the shallow water . Would recommend to anyone wanting to try scuba
Show Management Response

Atlanta, Georgia
Time of our lives!
     5/5  (Visited on May 2016)
After a short ride from the cruise port, we arrived at Yaya beach and the dive shop was ready to get us in the water. We can't express enough how wonderful and capable the team of divers were for our Discover Scuba Dive Excursion. When we arrived at their location, they greeted us with warm smiles and offered us some water and a snack. This was our first dive experience and after our lesson, we felt comfortable, knowledgeable, and thrilled to see the reef. It was a tad rough on the sea that day and they immediately told us that once we went under the water, it would be calm (and it was). We told them we were strong swimmers and avid boaters and not afraid of a few waves! During the dive, one of the instructors stayed with my mom and held her hand the entire dive so she would be comfortable. They showed us a beautiful King Crab, large Grouper, and Lion fish that we may have missed ourselves. I spotted a Stingray and Barracuda. This was a top notch company of sweet, professional, experienced divers and we can't wait to return and dive with them again. The dive equipment was clean and worked perfectly. You can book this excursion with a complete comfort level. Yaya beach is beautiful and the reef is unharmed and breathtaking. It was an visual explosion of color with schools of fish and coral. You won't be disappointed. Get ready to be thrilled! Let Shore Excursioneer and their team of divers show you their world only a few feet from the dive shop. Thank you so much (A, S, and C - you know who you are!) and we'll see you under the sea in the near future! Next time, we'll bring our GoPro so we can get some underwater shots. My camera only went down 20 feet so I couldn't take it with me. Our only disappointment was that we didn't get a photo with the divers that were so wonderful to us. Until we go back, we'll just tuck this experience in our hearts!
Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion Time of our lives!Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion Time of our lives!Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion Time of our lives!Costa Maya Beginner Discover SCUBA Dive Excursion Time of our lives!Show Management Response

Phoenix, AZ
Excellent Trainers
     5/5  (Visited on May 2016)
I went on this excursion with my mother and sister. I had only been snorkeling once previously and I had a terrible time breathing properly. I suspected I would have an even more difficult time with SCUBA, but my family really wanted to go, so I went along. Bless the trainers, they tried. They were very patient with me. They tried all kinds of calming techniques to get my brain to cooperate with what should be natural breathing, but alas, I just couldn't stop overthinking things and the fault was entirely on me. If I had more than a hurried excursion, I have every bit of confidence that these guys would have me a pro soon enough. They would have kept working with me as long as it took, but I knew it was pointless to continue with the time we had left, so I voluntarily asked to stop trying. I was not comfortable with continuing and they were very clear, they wouldn't push anyone past their comfort zone. My mother and sister picked up everything very quickly and ended up loving every minute of their excursion. I waited for them while they dove and had a fantastic underwater adventure.
Show Management Response

This is the place!
     4/5  (Visited on May 2014)
I was so excited to finally get to do this! The instructor put me at ease right away, and I felt completely safe. This does not have to be a scary thing. After making sure that you are comfortable breathing under water you get to dive. We did not quite get to 30 feet, but the things we saw on that very first dive are unforgettable. If you're thinking about learning to dive, this is the place to do it.
Show Management Response

Sunset City
Going Beyond Snorkeling
     5/5  (Visited on May 2014)
My sister and I love to snorkel and have been in some amazing places for it, but when we took this last cruise we wanted to try the scuba dive. Preferably something for first timers. We are very glad we did too. We were concerned how it might feel to have to breathe under the water, but the instructor was so wonderful it was made easy and not scary at all. We are both now talking about taking the next step in diving. Thank you so much for such an awesome and safe experience!
Show Management Response

Best Experience Ever
     5/5  (Visited on March 2014)
I finally learned the basics of scuba diving and I am so glad that I did it here. The instructor was the best and I will never forget this experience and what I learned. If you have wanted to see what it is like to scuba dive, I recommend doing it here. My whole day was great. Even though this is not a course where you get certified to be a diver it does show you all about it. I loved being underwater!
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Can’t wait!!!
 Can’t wait!!! 
Shannan W Fort Worth, Texas, US
Shannan W Fort Worth, Texas, US Yesterday
A good description of the Shore Excursion, and the website was easy to navigate....
 A good description of the Shore Excursion, and the website was easy to navigate. The purchasing process was easy. 
Ryan P Palestine, Texas, US
Ryan P Palestine, Texas, US 3 days ago
Extremely easy to use and navigate website.
 Extremely easy to use and navigate website. 
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Richard K Midland, Texas, US 3 days ago
Quick and easy
 Quick and easy 
Jason B Morresville, Nc, US
Jason B Morresville, Nc, US 3 days ago
Kim B NEDERLAND, TX, US 5 days ago
Everything about each excursion was explained in detail
 Everything about each excursion was explained in detail 
Aldon J Lafayette, La., US
Aldon J Lafayette, La., US 5 days ago