Mexican Riviera Cruise Ports & Shore Excursions

From desert to jungles, quiet fishing villages to teeming cities, a rocky outcrop, or a white sand beach, the Mexican Riviera has a little of everything. Stretching from Cabo San Lucas in the north to Huatulco in the south, the Pacific coast of Mexico is home to seven jewels in a crown and a great variety of Mexican Riviera Cruise Excursions.

Cabo, Mazatlan, and Iztapa are more resort in feeling, while Manzanillo and Huatulco still have more of the old Mexico feel. Then there is Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco which have a little of everything.

Life in Mexico takes place outdoors. Whether you are in the jungles of the south, the desert of the Baja, the wine region of Ensenada, on a sandy beach, or in a wildlife-rich lagoon, there is something for everyone when it comes to cruise shore excursions in the Mexican Riviera.

Whereas the Caribbean (east) side of Mexico has more of the Mayan history in uncovered ruins and pyramids, the Pacific coast has many remnants from the Colonial period (1521 - 1821) which began when the Spanish conquered the last great civilization of Mexico, the Aztecs. Missions, haciendas, and even complete Colonial towns with tree-shaded plazas and elaborately sculpted churches and mansions remain as mementos.

The Mexican Riviera is hot! The climate ranges from temperate to hot and leads to a life spent largely in the open air, near the water by day, breaks mid-day (siesta) strolling after sunset, and wearing light cotton clothing.

For adventure shore excursion lovers, there are zip lines, dune buggies, ATV tours, scuba, snorkeling, mountain biking, and hiking. For those wanting a little less activity, there is sightseeing, whale watching, cliff diving shows, tequila tasting, and shopping for Mexico's famous silver.

Most people have never had real Mexican food, only American ideas of what Mexican food should be. Rarely in Mexico will you find food labeled "hot" or "Diablo" unless you are at an American fast food outlet. Real Mexican food, with fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables, is marinated in spices or mixed with spices, not buried in spicy sauces. Although chilies are a big part of many recipes, of the 12 most popular chilies used in Mexican cooking, most of them are mild. The ones with a kick are for salsas and relish and are used sparingly. Unique agave-based liquors and Mexican wines add a perfect touch to the meal. Local beers and fresh fruit juices (with or without local rum or tequila) are a great way to combat the heat and refresh while on one of our many shore excursions on the Mexican Riviera.

A memorable part of your Mexico cruise excursion experience will be the local people. Whether it is the shy indigenous villager or the city kid with his smartphone, they seem to have a few more drops of hospitality in their veins. They love life, they love fiestas, they don't worry about timetables so much... In short, most of us should be more like them!

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