Hawaii and South Pacific Cruise Ports and Shore Excursions

Abundant in serenity and nature, the cruise ship itineraries and cruise port of call destinations of Hawaii and the South Pacific offer a variety of Cruise Shore Excursions for all types of cruisers and for all ages. Colorful ecosystems covered by turquoise waters and stunning scenery are just a few of the many aspects that make a cruise ship excursion to this area not only memorable but memorable for a lifetime.

From visiting volcanos to learning more about the regional flora and fauna on one of our South Pacific and Hawaii Shore Excursions, to zip lining or parasailing, the options are endless. Pristine beaches, friendly locals, and mouthwatering cuisine, as well as jam-packed fun Hawaiian "luaus", will fill your shore excursion day with enjoyment.

Known as the "Aloha" State, Hawaii was first set foot on by Polynesians over 1500 years ago. Over time, the famous art of hula and the sport of surfing emerged from these islands. In 1778, Captain James Cook landed on Kauai, and shortly named the islands the "Sandwich Islands". Years later, Maui sprouted up due to the whaling industry boom.  A port for seamen and whalers, in 1898, Hawaii became a territory of the United States. In most recent history, famously, in 1941 was the attack on Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. Consisting of 6 different islands, each island is unique.

Kauai hosts the iconic Waimea Canyon- known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific". On the North side, is the Napali Coast, made up of stunning scenery and towering cliffs. The island also has the only navigable rivers in Hawaii, most famously, the Wailua River. Fringed with beautiful beaches,  visit the Daniel K Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse. 

Discover Maui. Dotted with quaint towns and homemade farm cuisine, the island is full of great beaches also. During the winter months, the channel between Maui and Molokai is one of the best Hawaii Shore Excursion places to whale watch. With over 600 curves, a scenic drive to Hana is inviting to anyone who likes a great view. Lahaina is a great shopping and dining stop. Haleakala National Park is famous for its sunrises by the 9740ft crater at the top.

A mix of sugar and pineapple industries fueled various immigrants from Japan and China to Lanai, which is also known as "Pineapple Island". On some of our South Pacific and Hawaii Shore Excursions, you can also see the native ohia lehua trees as you drive along main routes. Known as one of the best beaches in the world, hike from Hulopoe Bay to Sweetheart Rock. The city of Lanai is a charming town. Visit the secluded shipwreck beach. Take an off-road ride cruise excursion in Keahiakawelo, known as the Garden of the Gods, and pass jaw-dropping landscapes.

Oahu is not only famous for attracting its surf crowd but with Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace, the island hosts historic sites. From the island's capital of Honolulu to Waikiki Beach, you will also find mouthwatering local cuisine to try such as Lau Lau – pork wrapped in layers of yaro leaves and cooked in an underground rock for hours or Poke- the Hawaiian version of Japanese sashimi. You will also be able to try Poi, Kalua Pig, and other delicacies. Take in stark contrast from surf beaches to the urban art scene in Chinatown.

Visiting the island of Molokai, you will see the island's main town, Kaunakakai, and Kalaupapa National Park. Venture by mule to Kaulapapa and visit one of Hawaii's most remote settlements. There is also Halawa Valley with its towering waterfalls and a sacred cathedral valley.

Hawaii - the Big Island. Home to one of the world's most active volcanoes, Kilauea, the island has plenty of cruise shore excursions on land and in its surrounding waters. The Botanical Gardens of Hilo will lead you to see fairytale waterfalls. Head to Waimea and see the Wild West, Hawaiian cowboy style. Swim with manta rays in the water by Kona or sit back and enjoy a coffee from the famous Holualoa.

Most islanders not only speak English but also Hawaiian so be sure to say Aloha as you visit these amazing islands while cruising in Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Heading further south in the Pacific, are the virtually untouched islands of Tahiti and French Polynesia. There are over 100 islands divided into 5 archipelagoes located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Not only a scuba diver's dream but these islands are also filled with nature and culture.

As the words, Bora Bora rolls off your tongue, imagine not only a tranquil deserted beach but rivers, waterfalls, and lush vegetation on a 4x4 excursion! A dynamic cluster of islands, visit volcanoes, sip champagne at sunset on a yacht and visit the Gaugin Museum plus more when cruising to the South Pacific.

Enjoy our unique and selected Cruise Shore Excursions in Hawaii and the South Pacific with Shore Excursionseer!