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Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion

Belize, Belize City (Excursion ID S2282)

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  • Duration
    6 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    All Ages
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Round-trip from your cruise ship tender pier in Belize City!
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish speaking), professional turtle snorkel excursion guide!
  • The snorkel set includes varied-sized fins, a sanitized snorkel, a silicone mask, and a vest!
  • Beach Break on Caye Caulker - approximately 1.5 hours!
  • Two snorkel stops - Chapo's Turtle Garden Reef and Hol Chan Turtle Grass site!
  • All Marine Park entrance fees and taxes!
  • Complimentary sodas, bottled water, and rum punch!
  • 1 experienced snorkel guide per each 8 shore excursion guests!

Looking for a unique Belize turtle snorkel shore excursion experience? Then come along to two snorkel spots where you will be able to swim alongside some majestic sea turtles in Belize! Then enjoy a unique beach break on the famous Caye Caulker Island!

You'll start this Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel Excursion right at your Belize cruise ship tender terminal. After greeting your English-speaking shore excursion guide. You'll be taken to a comfortable boat where the friendly crew and captain will be waiting to welcome you on board. The size of the boat will depend on the number of guests participating in the excursion on this particular day and the departure time.

Sit back and relax as you glide through the blue Caribbean water on your way to Chapo's Turtle Garden, a reef just one mile south of the famous Belize Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Hol Chan means "Little Channel" in Mayan. The area just off Ambergris Caye is known for its coral reefs and abundant marine life. Travel time in the boat will be approximately 55 minutes.

Along the way, you'll receive your snorkel equipment including snorkel, mask, fins, and an optional life vest. Once you're at Chapo's Turtle Garden, the guide will accompany you into the water and will point out areas of interest so you don't miss a thing. There will always be one guide for every 8 people to ensure fun and safety for all. Snorkeling time will be 45 minutes so there's no need to feel rushed. Chapo's is a regular hang-out spot for turtles. Your guide will give you tips and rules for getting close and snorkeling with sea turtles. Although sightings are never guaranteed, the chance of spotting them at these two locations is excellent!

During the snorkel excursion boat ride to the second Belize sea turtle snorkel site, the crew will serve cold sodas or bottled water. Your next stop will be at the Hol Chan Turtle Grass site. This sea turtle habitat is the best way to view these amazing creatures, in the wild. The water here is approximately 10-30 feet deep, depending on where you snorkel, but a guide will be with you to make sure you'll enjoy the waters safely. Relax and snorkel with the turtles for another 45 minutes as you experience this lovely world beneath the surface. You can return to the boat anytime, of course. An underwater waterproof camera is a good way to capture your moments while snorkeling with the sea turtles on this unique Belize Shore Excursion. Note that among some of the marine life you might see are some of the local nurse sharks or rays. These are harmless creatures that are used to interacting with humans daily. Your Belize turtle snorkel shore excursion guide will be by your side at all times.

Your last stop is just 15 minutes away. Caye Caulker is a lovely little rustic island with friendly people and a few unique little stores. You can lounge next to the sea in comfortable beach chairs, or walk around, swim, explore, shop, whatever you want to do. Guests can also purchase food and drinks from the Belizian local restaurant, approximately $10.00 USD per person. Enjoy approximately 1.5 hours on this quaint island and experience that laid-back tropical feeling.

Finally, your snorkel shore excursion boat will take you back to your Belize cruise ship tender terminal. Transportation back is approximately 1 hour, relax and enjoy a rum punch, soda, or cold water served by the Sea Turtle Snorkel Excursion crew.

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Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Experiences

This excursion is available to everybody and specially designed to accommodate passengers of the following cruise lines

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Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Reviews

Snorkel with sea turtles over colorful coral reefs on this Belize turtle snorkel excursion. Enjoy a beach break on the rustic, little island of Caye Caulker. Join this exclusive opportunity to see Belize's turtles!


14 Reviews

We had a wonderful time.
     5/5  (Visited on March 2024)
We had a wonderful time. I feel that the area we were snorkeling in was to crowded. Too many boats in such a small area. Wish it was more spread out. Overall wonderful tour.
Show Management Response

Fun snorkeling, but overall poor trip
     2/5  (Visited on January 2023)
The actual time spent snorkeling was great. However, once we arrived at the pier, we had to wait an hour and a half before we got on our boat. They wouldn't let us leave until the next group of guests arrived, even though that group was booked on another excursion, and they were not snorkeling. The boat itself was in poor condition - at one point, on the return trip, a staff member was literally holding the bow together. It is a very long (approx 45-50 minutes each way) and very rough ride from the pier to the snorkeling spot. They staff is very invested in you ordering lunch.They took us to two locations and encouraged us to order so "the food will be ready for you when we get back," and they were quite obviously upset when we told them we didn't want to order food. The "beach break" at the end was not a beach - we sat where the boat docked for another 45 minutes. Water and a jug of rum punch are provided after snorkeling.
Show Management Response

loved it
     5/5  (Visited on December 2021)
loved natalie! this was our all time favorite excursion!
Show Management Response

St. Cloud, Florida
Loved seeing all the marine life
     4/5  (Visited on November 2022)
This excursion was a little chaotic, but it ended up being a wonderful experience. From the cruise port, we were transported to a nearby dock that was less than 5 minutes away. The driver drove very fast through a very busy area, which made us a little concerned. Once we got to the dock, there were so many people all going on different excursions. We were not given a lot of instructions about what was going on. I will admit the chaos made us uncertain about this cruise company's ability to get us back to the port on time. We had to wait about 45 minutes for them to get organized and get our boat ready. Once we got on the boat we took about a 45-minute boat ride to Caye Caulker. (By the way, if you are prone to motion sickness definitely take precautions.) In Caye Caulker, we were given about a 20-minute break. We gave our lunch order (at our own cost) and took a bathroom break. Our guide got our tickets. Then we rode the boat for another 20 minutes to the first stop. Our guide was great and made sure we saw everything. We were able to see a huge variety of fish, sea turtles, sting rays, and a shark. At the next stop, we were able to touch and hold sharks and sting rays. There were about a dozen sharks. It was definitely a bucket list experience. When we got back to Caye Caulker, we had lunch. My family felt the fish was the best fish they ever ate. Then we were transported back to their dock with about 45 minutes to get back to the boat. We were told to wait for the van to transport us back. However, all the people that were there at the start of the morning were there and needed transportation back, and there were no vans in sight to transport people back. When we became concerned that the van was not there after several minutes, one of the guides took us back to the ship in her personal car. Overall it was a great experience. I wish the company was a little more organized.
Show Management Response

Topeka, KS
Amazing Snorkeling! Got dicey on the return... But all ended well
     5/5  (Visited on October 2022)
First and foremost, the snorkeling was absolutely breathtaking! The reef is so colorful, and just TEEMING with life. On the first stop, we swam over the coral gardens and saw an incredibly diverse collection of fish, rays, a shark, and a large Green Turtle. I was beyond thrilled with it, and this was just stop ONE!!! It should be worth noting that out here in Hol Chan, there is a good amount of current, so you do need to be a half-way strong swimmer. Otherwise I could see it posing a bit of a problem. Our kiddos did ok, but we did have to drag the younger ones along a little bit. After this we went to another spot and swam with the Nurse Sharks as they chummed the water. I mean... WOW Now That was an experience I will never forget! There were probably 20+ sharks between 8-12 feet long swimming en masse around us. Add in probably a half dozen rays, and a school of yellow tails, and snappers. It was a beautiful, thrilling chaos! My wife was too scared to jump in, but all the kiddos did. Don't be afraid. The nurse sharks are non-aggressive, but it is still an absolute thrill! After that, we went to lunch on the Caye. We pre-ordered on the way out to the dive sites, so the food was hot and ready for us when we got back. It was all good. I had the BBQ Lobster tail and was very satisfied. Pricing was good. Expensive for central america, but not touristy gouging. 2 BBQ lobster tail was only like $15 US. (prices on the menu are in Belizian dollars, about a 2:1 exchange) The title by the way is a complete misnomer. There is no beach time on Caye Caulker. Only lunch. So if you are looking for a chill time on the beach, this itinerary does not have that. That said, we did not miss it, because the time snorkeling was worth every second. From here things got a little dicey.. Its a long day excursion, and from the Caye it is approximately a :45 minute boat ride back to Belize City. And normally the operator cannot dock at the tourism village dock, meaning there is a bus ride as well. We were scheduled to get back to shore and have probably about :30 of free time in the tourism village before last tender boat was scheduled to leave. Another boat of the same operator that was out that day and having lunch at the same time as us, apparently had a problem and broke a propeller, so they opted to put THOSE passengers on our boat as well back to Belize City. We were already at 13 guests plus 2 guides, and they had to add 6 more, plus another guide. The boat was not a large one, and people even had to sit on the bow of the craft to even fit. We were riding LOW in the water. Obviously we went a lot slower on the way back... As we got the halfway point, I was beginning to worry, as we only had :15 left before last tender was slated to leave, and easily another :30 to go. I just KNEW we were going to be left in Belize. And THEN... the overworked engine on our craft ran out of gas. ... yep. Thankfully, the operator was working desperately on shore trying to get a tender to hold for us (now 19 guests from the Vista). They also negotiated letting us dock at the Tourism village, eliminating the need for the van rides from the other pier. We just had to wait for a rescue boat to bring us some gas. In the end, everything worked out ok. They did a TREMENDOUS job working to get us back, against the odds, safely. I am sure as a company it cost them to get those permissions, but they did it, and I respect them for that, and working to keep their promise to us visitors to get back to the ship. A bit of stress, but stories for a lifetime! And again, the best snorkeling experience I have had. Our guides were fantastic. Stacey was with us the whole time, and led our exploration. Marvin also swam with us after we picked him up on Caye Caulker. Both were knowledgable, fun, and accommodating to our group. Emerson was our Captain, and did a great job keeping our ride as smooth as possible, and conducting us to and from against all odds safely. I could come away from this saying I wouldn't book unless through the cruiseline because of their policies to wait regardless of how late if it is THEIR excursion. But I instead tip my hat to the operator in working hard to take care of a bad situation. I feel confident in them after this experience and cannot recommend this excursion enough
Show Management Response

Conway, Arkansas
Bucket list experience!
     5/5  (Visited on August 2022)
Stacy and Felipe were great guides! Stacy was so knowledgeable and told us all sorts of facts about everything we saw. We did get to see a sea turtle. At the second stop we were able to swim with and touch nurse sharks. A true bucket list experience. We got to have great authentic food at Caye Caulker. Got back to the ship in plenty of time!
Show Management Response

Lubbock, Texas, US
Great excursion
     5/5  (Visited on May 2022)
Great excursion. Travel time by boat was longer than expected, but worth it. Great views and great staff.
Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Great excursion Show Management Response

North Carolina , US
Lots of fun
     4/5  (Visited on April 2022)
The only thing I would recommend is cushions to sit on for the boat ride and there were 2 guides with 11 people snorkeling some were new snorkeling I got kicked in the head and everyone kept bumping into each other would’ve been better to split group into 2 with the guides and spread out, food was expensive with drinks my daughter and I shared a plate and each had a drink was $49 and we really didn’t have time to sunscreen up so she got sunburned we just used the spray it was worth it though we did see 2 sea turtles and sting rays and nurse sharks best experience ever !!!! Totally recommend
Show Management Response

Toledo, Ohio, US
     5/5  (Visited on February 2022)
This is the first time I have booked an excursion outside of the cruise line. It was absolutely wonderful! Stacey was fantastic and so knowledgeable. I do appreciated her and watching her glide through the water was like something out of a movie. I have snorkeled in many places and Belize will hands down be the best. We saw hundreds upon hundreds of fish, sharks, sting rays, and TWO turtles! We even went to the other side of the island to feed tarpon. It was fantastic! The coral was beautiful and water was the clearest I've seen. The boat ride is long but absolutely worth the trip. You will not be disappointed in this trip!
Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion This was THE MOST PERFECT DAY!!Show Management Response

Calgary, Canada
Great Day!
     5/5  (Visited on December 2019)
We had a great day snorkelling with the turtles, rays and sharks! Our guides were fantastic and the day was amazing! Thank you!!!
Show Management Response

Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Great time!!
     5/5  (Visited on June 2018)
Thanks again for a great experience Stacy, Natalie & the crew were fantastic.
Show Management Response

High Springs, FL
Good guides, good snorkel
     4/5  (Visited on February 2018)
Having done numerous excursions, we can say this was pretty good. Our guide was where the instructions said he'd be on time. We walked two blocks to the dock and checked in fine. The waves were choppy, but the staff of four made sure everyone got in the small boat safely. Stacey was our tour guide and had so much information about the country. She was fabulous! Remember to bring a hat or bandana for the wind out at sea! We stopped at Cay Caulker for a bathroom break and to place our food orders if you desired, then got back in the boat and headed toward the reefs. Again, Stacey and staff were wonderful about explaining the equipment and helping everyone in. We did not see any turtles, but that's nature. The weather, the season, it happens. In three stops, we did see the nurse sharks, several stingrays, an eel, and Caribbean fish. Know that as long as you treat this animals with respect, there is nothing to worry about. They're simply beautiful. Stacey guided us around different areas of coral and shared her knowledge, while another guide kept the group together from behind. There was probably no more than 15 in the group. Back at the island, prepare to spend $15-$20 for a plate and drink. The atmosphere is like a postcard, and there is quiet shopping one street behind the restaurant. It's a long boat ride there and back, but it's a wonderful little slice of the country.
Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Good guides, good snorkelBelize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Good guides, good snorkelBelize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Good guides, good snorkelBelize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Good guides, good snorkelShow Management Response

Lots of ocean life!
     4/5  (Visited on August 2017)
We LOVED this excursion. There was a TON of coral, fish, sharks, and all sorts of sea life at the first stop. At the second stop there were so many more sharks and sting rays than we expected. They were super friendly and let you pet them. The only complaint I have is that the "beach break" wasn't really a beach you could swim at. More of a fishing/boating beach and pier. It was still absolutely beautiful and the food was great as well! The staff/crew were really friendly and helpful. They spent the whole boat ride both ways explaining their country and culture to us. I definitely recommend this excursion to anyone considering it!
Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Lots of ocean life!Belize Sea Turtle Snorkel and Caye Caulker Island Beach Excursion Lots of ocean life!Show Management Response

Decatur, TX
So much to see!!!
     5/5  (Visited on August 2017)
Wow! We had a fabulous day with added bonuses! We not only saw awesome coral, beautiful fish, a long barracuda, and a huge loggerhead sea turtle but the guides, Gareth and Nelson, added in a stop to swim with nurse sharks! We got to watch them eating and some huge rays showed up as well! Plus the (speed) boat ride was fun getting out to the sites. Thanks Alex and Austin! Cay Caulker was charming and lunch was pretty tasty too. All in all a very memorable day.
Show Management Response
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