Canada & New England Cruise Ports and Shore Excursions

One couldn't find a more eclectic mix than this region of North America. Although Canada and the United States share the longest land border in the world, the mixture of cultures, languages, dialects, architecture and cuisine all make for an exciting group of possible activities.

Although both areas have incredibly complex political backgrounds, one commonality is that both were once claimed by both the French and the English. Canada is currently under the sovereign rule of Queen Elizabeth and has ten provinces and 3 territories, whereas New England consists of six states and had rejected rulings by both France and England. Both countries border the Atlantic Ocean, but their similarities just about end there.

In Canada, the two main languages are French and English. In the New England region, the language is English, but with the widely diverse dialects and accents, you may wonder if they share the same language at all. Since many of New England's earliest Puritan settlers came from eastern England, that helped to contribute to New England's distinctive accents, foods, customs, and social structures.

Canada tends to have extremely cold climates in the northern region, including Nova Scotia and Greenland, but most of the population lives in the southern region with mild summers. Whereas in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and western Massachusetts there is a humid continental climate. In central and eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Boston, and most of Connecticut and New York, the same humid continental climate prevails, though summers are warm to hot, and the winters are shorter.

The general Canadian area, including Nova Scotia and Greenland, has become well known for its many natural, seemingly untouched regions and is a nature lover's paradise. The New England area, however, is populated with a wide variety of cultures and settlers and displays quite a distinct variation in architecture, depending upon its original settlers. Both areas are known for their cuisine, especially for the fresh fish, lobster, and crabs that are cooked in a wide variety of ways.

Visitors to Canada can find a wide range of activities including fishing, boating, sightseeing, nature hikes, biking trails, photo excursions, and much more. This is a paradise for those who love nature at its wildest and least tampered with by humans. Of course, there are urbanized areas such as Toronto, which is the most heavily populated area in the country.

Visitors to New England, which includes Boston and New York City will discover interesting architecture, tremendous shopping, a wide variety of cuisines, plenty of sightseeing, and a varied collection of socio-economic regions. Skiing is quite popular, as is fishing, crabbing, and boating through the Long Island Sound area which is populated with what is known as the Thimble Islands. Summer beach activities are also quite popular.

Cruise ship visitors can choose from a large menu of activities. Boating, sightseeing, shopping, historical visits, photo excursions, fishing activities, beach time, hiking, biking, and walking tours are all popular activities no matter which region you visit. Just a visit to New York City alone can be quite an eye-opening adventure, and in Boston, the history of the United States is practically laid out before you. Areas such as Canada, including Nova Scotia, and Greenland, the largest island in the world, offer nature at its finest. Occupied by hearty, friendly people, it is definitely worth a visit for the spectacular scenery alone.

So, whatever you choose to do when you visit, you are sure to make those memories that last a lifetime. Explore and expand in one of the most unique regions in the world.