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Puntarenas Rainforest Treetop Skywalk and Tarcoles River Eco Cruise Excursion S1321

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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  • Duration
    5 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Minimum Age
    All Ages
  • Languages
    EN | ES


  • Round trip transportation from your Puntarenas cruise ship terminal!
  • Air-conditioned, fully licensed and insured transportation!
  • English speaking certified guide!
  • All entrance fees included!
  • Complimentary tropical fresh fruits and iced tea!
  • Great nature adventure through the jungle rainforest!

We'd like to invite you to join us on this wonderful combo excursion that features the best of Costa Rica. You'll start out by enjoying breathtaking views of the rainforest at the Carara Adventure Park & Reserve. Then you'll head for a river cruise on the Tarcoles River, famous for its many tropical species, especially crocodiles. This combination of thrills and relaxation makes for a perfect day!
Your adventure begins just next to your Puntarenas cruise ship pier where you will meet your guide and climb aboard luxury transportation. Relax in the air conditioning as you are driven the scenic route for one hour on your way to Carara Adventure Park & Reserve where the rainforest walking tour will begin.

You will soon find yourself out on this 1-mile length walk. The location is on the border between the Tropical and the Dry Pacific eco-systems and gives the local experts the ability to gather hundreds of species such as the poison dart frog, monkeys, raccoons, lizards, anteaters, and a wide variety of tropical birds. You will absolutely want to bring your camera, and be sure to keep an eye out, there's much to see. Enjoy complimentary tropical fresh fruit and iced tea before to continue your journey.

Now that you are refreshed and relaxed, it's time to head out for the next adventure. You can climb aboard the boat that will take you down the Tarcoles River, which forms the northern border of the Carara Biological Reserve on the Pacific coast. This river is famous for its large American crocodiles, which is one of the world's largest crocodile populations in the wild. Again you might want to have your camera ready. There will be some amazing photo opportunities.

Finally, once the boat ride and river tour come to an end, you will be returned to your Puntarenas cruise ship pier. Since the pier is so close to the city you will have time to explore the boulevards and cityscape before you head back on the ship.

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Puntarenas Rainforest Treetop Skywalk and Tarcoles River Eco Cruise Excursion Reviews

Experience walking through the treetops on the Sky Walk suspension bridges in the jungle and Costa Rica rain forest, then relax end enjoy some great shopping opportunities!


2 Reviews

River Tour is a MUST DO!
     5/5  October 2019
This tour was spectacular. Our guide made this a tour you will not forget. He stopped right outside the port and showed us many iguanas sunning themselves and explained the difference between the sexes. Then, not more than 15 minutes later, he stopped along the main highway, got out, and called wild white face monkeys to our van. There, the monkeys crawled over us and had an amazing photo experience with the monkeys. Next was the Treetop Skywalk. This is part of a hotel\'s own skywalk. He had the driver drop us off at the top of the mountain, and we followed the trail over 2 miles down through the jungle. Make sure you put on tons of sunblock and take an unlimited supply of bug spray and WATER. We passed many tour groups going UP the trail, and we went DOWN the trail. We crossed over five skywalks, but all you try to do is not fall down the trail - due to it being wet- and watching out for other hikers coming up. We had better nature hikes in Belize through the jungle, our guide explained little to us and we just walked down a trail for 45 minutes. After the driver picked us up at the road, he took us to the hotel and we got a quick snack of fresh fruit, bathrooms, and back onto the bus to go on the river cruise. This is where the fun really begins. Our 19 year old boat operator was fearless. He would get out of the boat, smack the water and attract large wild crocodiles to hand feed them so close to the boat, it will freak you out. As he hand fed one, it was spooked by the river bank collapsing, and it jumped back into the water, not noticing the boat next to him, and almost landed in my lap. I broke the seat jumping back away as it hit next to me.It is a story to tell for ages. He would find large crocs and get them to try and feed from him. They were only feet from the boat, and one could touch them, if they dared. They then turned the boat around and went the other way of the river and did bird watching. Saw many types of birds and tons of other crocs ranging from small to large. This si a definite must do excursion. Great price for what you do.
Show Management Response

Great Tour With Lots To See
     5/5  May 2014
This was a great tour and I am sure that if we return we will do this again. The rain forest is magnificent. There are so many things to see and hear. The bridges were fun too. The staff was great and very informative speaking English well. The walk was gentle and not rushed and we loved being able to pick up some souvenirs before heading back. We were pleased with our day.
Show Management Response
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will book again very happy with ShoreExcursioneer
 will book again very happy with ShoreExcursioneer 
Armando H hesperia, California
 7 days ago
Armando H hesperia, California 7 days ago
I have used ShoreExcursioneer before and will book with them again
 I have used ShoreExcursioneer before and will book with them again 
Armando H Hesperia, California, US
 7 days ago
Armando H Hesperia, California, US 7 days ago
Always a pleasure dealing with Shore Excursioneer & with the pandemic going on,...
 Always a pleasure dealing with Shore Excursioneer & with the pandemic going on, I feel very confident booking with no risk of losing any money. 
RACHEL M Fort Worth, Texas, US
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RACHEL M Fort Worth, Texas, US 13 days ago
Always an easy booking and refund process (if necessary). Not only for cruisers...
 Always an easy booking and refund process (if necessary). Not only for cruisers folks. Highly recommended 
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Amy C Perry, Ohio, US 17 days ago
Amazing service as always! Thank you for making this so easy!!!!
 Amazing service as always! Thank you for making this so easy!!!! 
Angela B Shreveport, LA, US
 32 days ago
Angela B Shreveport, LA, US 32 days ago
Is always so easy, fast and secure to book shore excursión though here . Thank...
 Is always so easy, fast and secure to book shore excursión though here . Thank you 
Claudia B Aurora , CO, US
 34 days ago
Claudia B Aurora , CO, US 34 days ago